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Situational Mindset: Difference Between Better Outcomes, Performance, Production, Successes, Fun, Enjoyment, Celebration

SuccessesA situational mindset is a skill you use to fully engage yourself in a process and culture. Whether one person, two, a group, or many stakeholders, there are diverse people with personalities, perspectives, agendas, pressures, and what’s important to them. Examples are: Your mom needs emergency surgery. Your situational mindset is serious and prayerful, the doctor reports she was able to remove all of the clot (your situational mindset is thankful), you visit your mom (your situational mindset is loving, positive and encouraging), your mom comes home (your situational mindset is helping her get better), during this time of recovery (your situational mindset varies from loving, serious, fun, funny, success, enjoyment, relief, prayerful, progress, frustration, stress, hope, caring, and sharing).

In your business, organization, and team you also encounter the above situational mindsets in a different context.
For clarity and preparedness let’s look at a process and culture for you to succeed:

Better Outcomes

Yes, you need to know what is your dream, vision, goal(s), mission, motivation, inspire yourself, and incentive(s).
So the dream is about how the fulfillment of better outcomes will enable you to dream more? Vision is the leadership and buy-in to get there, goal(s) are the milestones in your journey, and your mission is waking up daily to motivate and inspire your successes. Motivation is your fuel. Inspire yourself to consistently do better. Incentive(s) is everything expected and unexpected that goes along with pursuing your situational better outcomes mindset. What are your better outcomes? Capitalize on the learning.  It takes sharing inspiring authentic dialog.

How To Consistently Perform Better?

This essentially is “how do I consistently perform better?” You need to remove some things or habits and continue building and growing your mental performance skills. When on a team, ask “how do we consistently perform better”?

In an organization, ask “how does the organization consistently perform better?” For me, after completing the better outcomes section I constantly am looking for ways to consistently perform better. In this changing, diverse, and financially outdated system the forces of democracy, innovation and entrepreneurial vigor, and a spirited beacon of hope consistently creates a better life, better living, and better future. It’s a new way of thinking for some people. In a situational performance mindset more organizations, teams, and individuals need to spend more time in the situational performance mindset. The reason is illustrated in the next section. Yes, you want to earn more wins and more income. Now that’s established learn how to learn to consistently perform better and the more wins and more income come to you. You don’t need to chase it.

Do Your Best Production

Before management, people were working on their own to feed and clothe them self and their family. As the concept of management came into existence from Frederick Taylor to Peter Drucker management has learned their people, partnerships, and relationships are what makes the difference in their successes. The creative, innovative, and invention of technology, machines, and robots are handling things you no longer need to do. For example, agriculture has advanced, manufacturing plants are cleaner and less manual labor is being done, and mobility is delivering solutions when needed without delay.

More and more we are advancing from a situational production mindset to a situational performance mindset. Companies are realizing to succeed management doesn’t need to do all the situational performance mindset work while non-management does the situational production mindset work. It puts too much pressure on management’s situational performance mindset. Instead of fully engaging employees in the process and culture, it puts too much uncertainty on employees’ situational production mindset.

Successes, Fun, Enjoyment, and Celebration

The solution(s) which is implemented to varying degrees based on an inordinate number of criteria, wants, and needs are to fully engage your organization and personnel in better outcomes and situational performance mindset and spend less time in the situational production mindset. Then how does anything get done? “We are about doing you say.” Here’s how: You work on creating, innovating, inventing, and invest in the right service(s), product(s), technology, machines, and robots to develop and grow your business and clientele.

You invest in support services such as professional speaker(s), coach(es), consultant(s), and trainer(s) service(s) and product(s), who have a solution and then fully engage them to help you consistently perform better. In my speaking, coaching, and consulting, my clients need help in one or more of the four situational mindsets. Over the years having seen this need in companies of all sizes, different types of teams, and industries, I created, innovated, and invented to put together an intervention package. It consists of the Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook for your situational performance mindset, highly customized individual or team coaching, a customized team workshop, and performance consulting. From using my workbook you’ll realize not only how to accomplish your list, you’ll also realize how to put a lens on it for better outcomes. Currently, businesses and athletes are using it to make good progress. You don’t need to struggle, live in apathy, or suffer.

There are more successes, fun, enjoyment, and celebrations for you to partake in. When’s the next banquet, corporate party, convention, cookout, conference, cruise, or parade? It’s an endless fully engaging process and culture. I’m looking forward to seeing you more successful (practical forward mobility) as that’s my job and in my mission statement.

Success isn’t about being the best. It’s about always getting better. Behance 99U

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Add Performance: Stop Settling for Change and Behavior

“Add performance” – Raj Gavurla

                                                              kpi behavior change ahead

People do not like change. First off, it implies something is wrong. Have you heard comments such as “you need to change”, “you need to change your behavior”, or “attitude” without a comment on how to do so? President Obama was a change candidate and so was Donald Trump. A CEO often is hired to create positive change or a turnaround. Many mergers and acquisitions have pursued this reason as well. It happens in sports. I asked my brother-in-law why did the Houston Oilers not keep Bum Phillips? He said they wanted a change. Bum had led two of his teams to the brink of a Superbowl. After being terminated, the Oilers declined for a very long time. All for the sake of change. Change is inevitable, however, there better be more at stake than preserving the status quo or making the numbers look good.

An example is shooting a better golf score when you have to clear the water from the fairway to land on the green. If you practice changing behaviors of how not to hit the water, you’ll improve but not add to your performance (better). You’re using an outdated form of Taylorism that studies and analyzes each piece instead of a better way to achieve your objective(s).

So what’s the solution to change and changing behaviors which are more palatable? The solution is “add performance”. In any situation, whether good or bad follow it with the words “add performance”. Sure, changing behaviors is needed but there is too much emphasis put on changing the behaviors instead of emphasis being placed on “added performance”.

Therefore, for our golf example use “add performance” to hit the ball onto the green. Use imagery to visualize the ball hitting the green and your mind and body will automatically make the necessary adjustments. You don’t need to study each cell and neuron in your body to orient them the right way. Focus on the “added performance”.

In business when deciding on investing in an initiative, does it add value to your organization, do your employees see it of value, and does it generate a good ROI. Use this as a barometer for your initiative and you’ll experience less uninformed political anarchy and useless conflict.

So, do you want clients? Then, “add performance”. Do you want to make high-value money? Then, “add performance”. Do you want health? Then, “add performance”. Do you want a cure? Then, “add performance”. Do you want to lose weight? Then, “add performance”. Do you want a better relationship? Then, add performance.  Do you want to stop being tired or fatigued? Then, “add performance”. Do you want a faster run? Then, “add performance”. Do you want your kids to make better grades? Then, “add performance”. Do you want a championship? Then, “add performance”. Do you want a better job? Then, add performance.

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Carlos Castaneda

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Entrepreneurial Leadership: Grow, Build, Develop (Money)

“Grow, build, and develop the right way.” – Raj Gavurla

In the following weeks, I will focus on delivering practical and pragmatic entrepreneurial leadership tools.  To receive these entrepreneurial leadership tools and much more you can invest in my manual Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools.  

Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools Manual

Buy now: motivateyourresults.com

This week we’ll apply the entrepreneurial leadership learning to the importance of your money.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Tool #1:

Entrepreneurial Success =

(Time (1 or 0) + Work (1 or 0) + Money (1 or 0)) x Probability (1, .5, or 0) 

Money (1 or 0)

In 2017 where are you investing your money?  To maximize your money you want to invest in high-value services and products with ten times the return on investment (ROI).

Q1: Do your research and preparation show your suppliers service(s) and/or product(s) are of high value towards your objectives?

This focuses on the qualitative aspects of doing business.  For example, setting a record, a pilot, image, brand awareness,  and having more than one supplier so you’re more efficient and effective.

Q2: How do you determine there will be a ten times return on your investment?

This focuses on the quantitative aspects of doing business.  The robust investments/projects return ten times greater ROI upon completion of the investment/project.  If it makes sense to reinvest and/or add service(s) and product(s), then best to do so.  All others vary based on time period.  Work with your supplier to determine how to receive high value and ten times the ROI.

Think of three investments made in your business?

1.  Invested in a marketing campaign

Depending on if this is already a revenue producing service or product or if it is a pilot the same formula applies:

Investment = High Value and ten times the ROI

In a marketing campaign of high value is brand awareness.  Also, you need to determine the way to receive ten times the ROI.  The reason is because your project and business are unsustainable without it.

2.  Invested in technology

Of high value are increased capabilities, efficiency, ease of use, and status.  Also, you need to determine the way to receive ten times the ROI.  The reason is because your project and business are unsustainable without it.

Investment = High Value and ten times the ROI

3. Invested in education

Of high value are increased skillset, get a better job and new opportunities, and adding your skillset to another market.  Also, you need to determine the way to receive ten times the ROI.  The reason is because your education/learning and business are unsustainable without it.

Investment = High Value and ten times the ROI

4.  Think of three private investments made?

Examples are a house, car, healthcare, and the food you eat.  Of high value are shelter, safety, warmth, nutrition, and good health.  Also, you need to determine the way to receive ten times the ROI.  The reason is because your living is unsustainable without it.

Investment = High Value and ten times the ROI

I will cover funding (entrepreneurial fund (EF)) when I teach my second Entrepreneurial Success Tool.

Calculate your qualitative (high value) and quantitative (ROI) for each of the above.  Are you researching, is your preparation, and investments done with the right mindset?  Determine how high value delivers a ten times ROI for you.

“Your qualitative drives your quantitative.” – Raj Gavurla

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Work (1 or 0)

In 2017 where are you investing your work?  To maximize work you want to do work that is meaningful, has value, and is important to you.  This includes work that has value in your business, professional association(s) member volunteer work, community volunteer and advocacy work, home project(s), and faith-based volunteer work.  To reiterate, it should be meaningful to you, has value, and is important to you.  This doesn’t mean it needs to be work your family or friends want to do.  It’s work you want to do.  In the Entrepreneurial Success Formula work has a value of “1” (has value to the company) or “0” (no value to the company).

Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of going after yours.” – Zig Ziglar

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Time (1 or 0)

In 2017 where are you investing your time?  You want to maximize your time.  This has the most value to you in living your great dreams, goals, vision, and mission.  The best way to maximize your time is to prepare.

Do you attend a meeting by preparing?  This is the number one reason one person does business with you versus with another person.

Do you schedule an in-person meeting when a meeting isn’t wanted?

Do you schedule a conference call when an in-person meeting is wanted?

Do you return a phone call or reply to an e-mail?

As a humanitarian and citizen, maximizing your time gives you the time to do community volunteer and advocacy work.

Put your criteria to determine the best approach for you and the other party.  Just because you or they want it doesn’t mean it’s the best approach.  Only, do what adds value for the both of you.  Next week, we’ll apply the entrepreneurial leadership learning to the importance of your work.  In the Entrepreneurial Success Formula time has a value of “1” (can be done in a timely manner/worth the time) or “0” (time prohibitive).

Entrepreneurial Leadership Tool #2:

Invest, Save, Benefits, Entrepreneurial Fund (EF)

Entrepreneurial Leadership Tools #3:

Grow, Build, Develop

Entrepreneurial Leadership Tools #4:

Performance Shift (PS) and Entrepreneurial Shift (ES)

Entrepreneurial Leadership Tool #5:

Better Results / Faster

Entrepreneurial Leadership Tool #6:

Do 1% Better

 I will add more.  To receive these tools and much more you can invest in my manual Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools.  Buy now: motivateyourresults.com

Every moment you live in the past is a moment you waste in the present. Tony Robbins

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“Breaking through a performance barrier is counterintuitive.” – Raj Gavurla


Look outside!  Did you plant those trees, create the sky, the clouds, warmth of the sun, birds, grass, air, and those mountains?  Your answer is “no”.  My special news for you is “there are no days off from living”.  Believe me, you know why.

In my performance, entrepreneurial leadership, and sports/athletic coaching/consulting, I use to hear from my clients, “I had a bad day”.  “I was off today.” No way!  When clients receive coaching and complete their Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook they soon realize what I mean.  Daily, I have them rate their day.

An example of their choices and the criteria we agree upon in our session might look like the following:

Auspicious Day

Today is my birthday!  Any grand occasion is permissive.  Think birthdays of family, anniversaries, graduations, a spiritual occurrence, special recognition (awards), end of a project, a big win, your firsts, and holidays.  Do my exercises and stretches.

Robust Day

The list is private to me, however, some items are when I have “unexpected success”.  It’s the easiest type of success. When I learn and apply what I learned for better performance. I take what I’ve been working on to the next level.  I meditate, do my exercises, and stretches.

Perfect Day

The list is private to me, however, when I do my exercises and stretches, eat right, work, and have something restful, relaxing, fun and enjoyable in the evening.  Came up with a “creative innovative inventive entrepreneurial idea”.  I meditate.

Very Good Day

The list is private to me, however, when I accomplish a perfect day without coming up with a “creative innovative idea”.  I work, eat right, do my exercises, and stretches.

Good Day

The list is private to me, however, when something takes longer than expected or usual and I finally figure it out.  I do my exercises and stretches.

Not So Good Day

The list is private to me, however, anything bad that happens to me or someone I know.  Also, my computer crashes etc.  I didn’t do my exercises and stretches.

My Star

Then I complete “my star” in my workbook by filling in a “new record”, building a relationship forever, and/or “I met someone new” and had a real conversation with them.  Success!

I also pray throughout the day when I need or want to.  Now, you won’t ever have a “day off from living” or a “bad day”.  After sessions with my client, they begin to see how to really use my workbook. They become forward performing instead of “negative” towards them self or others.  I’ll repost this on Monday, however, I wanted to give you a high-value target on my birthday, an auspicious day.  Apply the practical learning.

Stop Struggling Or Suffering: Personalize A Positive Not A Negative

“Personalize a positive not a negative.” – Raj Gavurla

Struggling or Suffering










To stop struggling or suffering we must learn to stop internalizing things and instead share with the right person or people. Approach them the right way.

What are you struggling or suffering with?


1. Your health is not as good as you want although you sought medical care. Please don’t internalize things by thinking something is “wrong with you.” Instead, share with your healthcare providers how you feel/your feelings, and what you are experiencing.  Be sure to research other treatments and pursue what makes sense to you. Please don’t have fatalistic thinking such as “I’ll be like this for a long time or forever.”

A very motivating, educating, and inspiring scene on Saturday made me think. I saw two people playing wheelchair tennis. I had only seen this on t.v. When they first became handicapped, I imagine life looked bleak. Each responded with resilient fortitude to enjoy, be rewarded, and have fun playing tennis. Amazing! I would love to see them walking and playing tennis. That would endlessly thrill me. Wanting more for another person (others) and someone wanting more for you is living a robust life.

2. In school or at work are you making the progress and advancements you want or need? If not, test this strategy. Learn the history of the field. New neural learning connections form in your brain to make it easier on yourself to learn the new material. Also, learn by researching and talking with the right people to learn the knowledge you need and then deliberately practice the knowledge for it to become skill. Skill is applied knowledge at the appropriate time. To make advancements, use creativity and innovation to make it more meaningful to you. What do I mean? Some things have the same structure whether it’s what you are working on, school work, a football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or golf game, track meet, a song, or a documentary. After having the knowledge and skill, it’s your ability to create and innovate that makes it of value (valuable) to you and to others. This is more enjoyable, rewarding, and fun for you. Test it.

3. If a loved one is struggling or suffering, it doesn’t mean you need to struggle or suffer. Instead, help them and support them with your love, kindness, share meaningful things with each other, and learn medicine to have conversations with them about their treatment plan. It’s very humane to do so. You’ll receive tremendous fulfillment and learn more about the greater significance of relationships.

4. Do what you love or like. If you don’t love it or like it and/or it doesn’t make sense then don’t do it.  Look into it more if that’s important to you.

Perform World Class To Solve Mental Health

Mental Health

You or your loved one might be living with a mental health challenge. If not, it’s in your community and you see it on the news. The president of the United States convened a mental health symposium and now communities are doing similarly. The health of Americans and people throughout the world is vital to socioeconomic exponential growth. Besides eliminating terrorism, health is everyone’s highest priority. Families, businesses, communities, schools, and the economy thrives when we are well.

We all need to work together to solve this health crisis not turn a blind eye, be scared, or frightened. Being a strong mental health advocate, having toured community residential care facilities (CRCF), training police officers, and speaking with anyone who wants to solve this crisis is essential to make better lives and save lives. We’ve progressed from institutionalization, to living in society, and for some making a real living doing meaningful work that doesn’t waste their talent.

We want your voice as it is important we all work together (patient centered care, collaboration, understanding, and cooperation) to solve this crisis as Americans and global citizens. Here’s my voice to help and grow people:

1. If there isn’t a cure, we need to educate patients for better patient outcomes. If there is a cure for any medical condition, then the patient doesn’t receive education.

2. We need to take side effect(s) and allergic reaction(s) out of medication and/or other treatments. We need performing world class doctors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and government making it easier to make advancements in this initiative. Too many people are struggling and/or suffering. What are some of the side effect(s) and allergic reaction(s)?

1. Frightened your life is in jeopardy
2. No sex drive
3. Suicidal thoughts

It’s time for individualized medicine. Know in advance whether or not a medication will cause a side effect or allergic reaction in a patient. Not give it to the patient to see if they experience a side effect or allergic reaction and then change the medication. This causes trauma and costs skyrocket in mental health care.

Some doctors need to stop yelling at their patients. Your patient interaction and communication has a tremendous effect on your patient’s well-being. Why are you a doctor? If a doctor can’t do this then they need to do another job. Have a robust (real) conversation(s) with your patient. You’ll enjoy your job/work more and deliver better patient outcomes (a real miracle).

3. Create positive interaction and communication (family and/or select friends) by asking a loved one what their dreams are and love them by helping, assisting, coaching, and mentoring them to accomplish and succeed in living their dreams and exciting goals. One way a patient can be positive towards themselves is by asking positive questions such as:

1. Why do I live my dreams and exciting goals?
2. Why am I the best in the world?
3. Why do I perform world class?
4. Why am I a humanitarian first?

We need more than the words, “you can” for positive interaction and communication. Run from negativity. Talk and think positive to one another.  Approach people the right way.

4. Eat right. You’ve probably heard eat a larger portion of vegetables and fruits with meals than meat (protein) and carbohydrates. Put a lemon in your water and eat the lemon afterwards to balance the acid and alkaline levels in your body. It will make you feel and look thinner (not bloated). Here’s more on why from Tony Robbins, .

5. Meditate at a time convenient for you. It works to clear your mind and gain clarity on what you want to accomplish. Being attentive to your breath while meditating is the key. There is meditation music on YouTube.

6. Walk every day for at least thirty minutes at the best time for you. Think “glide” while you walk. Walking creates reactions in your body for optimal wellbeing and longevity. Include a hill and downhill in your route, if possible. Stretch afterwards and consistently learn how to do stretches for muscle flexibility and strength. If you have chronic pain, I highly recommend the exercises in the book, Pain Free, by Pete Egosque. To make sure you’re moving right make an appointment with a physiology functional trainer. Tell them your goals and measure your progress.

7. For those who want to work, we need to make meaningful employment happen so we don’t waste talent. This would require reasonable accommodations and patients’ doctors, therapists, counselors (healthcare team) to include family and the patient’s employer working closely together for your company to benefit from talent and make your employee a better life. Help them gain independence. Everyone involved will receive more fulfillment than you could possibly imagine.

8. There is no such thing as “tough love”. Show people with mental health challenges and their family real love by really loving them. Remember, love is the force and bond that defeats any form of evil. Find ways to love each other more. It’s the right thing to do.

9. It’s time for advancements in humanness, medicine, and technology to exponentially progress from ambulatory and functional medicine to the next level of medicine, better patient outcomes for optimal health/performance and longevity.

Make better lives by performing world class to win more and live a robust life. It’s very rewarding, enjoyable, and fun. The American people and people throughout the world deserve a robust standard of living and life.  We want your voice to solve the mental health crisis in America and globally.

Transform Your Performance: Leadership Mood Chairs

“Create business with performance and/or entrepreneurial leadership shifts.” – Raj Gavurla
When you communicate is your body language congruent with your word choice?  Similar to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the people in your organization do 80% of the work, the words you use (20%) have 80% of the meaning. Therefore, the words have more meaning than body language.  Since most people aren’t professional actors, you aren’t always congruent with your body language and words.  The application of Leadership Mood Chairs with a skilled facilitator creates robust conversation (has more value and saves time), solves conflict, and creates the following ROI depending on how well you use it:

Standard Costs Measured:
Wasted Opportunity
Lost Time – Due To Absenteeism
Lost Opportunity – Due To Absenteeism
Staff Turnover
Related Legal Support
Non-Legal Support

Innovation Costs Measured:
Lack of New Ideas and Innovation
Reduced Creativity
Diminished Problem Solving Capacity
Lost Opportunities
Degraded Decision
Quality Change
Resistant Team
Difficulty in Pivots
Market Entry Delays
Focus on Productivity is Diminished
Lack of Sense of Urgency
Quality of Product or Service
Diminished Reputation; re: Employees & Prospective Employees
Employees & Prospective Employees
Incompetence Tolerated / Team Complacency
Lowered Job Motivation and Productivity
Demotivated Staff Due to Lack of Progress
Loss of Core Skilled Employees
Reduced Innovation Premium on Company Value
Erosion of Shareholder Value

Are you seeing more of this because of stress, performance anxiety, tension, and mood?

Body Language and Word Choice

entrepreneurial shift and performance shift

Share performance and/or entrepreneurial leadership shift(s) in your organization and in your group(s). Each person might apply, customize, and implement the shift(s). How does an idea flow?

Sports Teams

Speed sessions so everyone has a voice. Why not have everyone contributing 100%? You have intelligent people who aren’t contributing because of conflict, intimidation, and/or status.  This might be for something greater or to solve an issue that has been blown out of proportion.

sports chairs

Win championships with champion’s mentality speed sessions to build your team’s, players (athletes), groups of players, coaches, groups of coaches, and groups of coaches and players performance mental skills.

Leadership Mood Chairs


You’ll be more aware of your body language and word choice after using Leadership Mood Chairs.  It’s an advanced performance tool applied to specific situations.

Who Are You Becoming?

“Who are you becoming? – Raj Gavurla


who are you becoming

In my speaking, coaching, and teaching my clients and audiences want to transform their performance to make progress.  Many have had successes and some have adversity or had adversity before they became who they currently are.  They need help with performance goals and situations unique to them.

Most people started in a profession and progressed within or into another profession and endeavor.  To help you make progress in who you are becoming there are four areas needing development and progress:

1.  Learning is the catalyst for positive change.  Change is occurring and the ability to learn and its application is essential to make progress.  What are you learning?  What are you applying your uniqueness to?

2.  Building trustworthy relationships means we have a marketplace with services and products.  How are you deciding the best services and products for you and who do you need to build trustworthy relationships with to evolve?

3.  Which services, products, and events will you buy and participate in?  You need to spend your time and money wisely in the best places for you.

4.  Create an experience for the marketplace to experience, buy, and participate in your services, products, and events.

Consistently do these four action items to transform your performance to make progress.  Enjoy the process and select the best opportunities for you.

Four Mental Constructs To Be The Best

Be The Best

 “Live Your Great Dreams, Focused Best Vision, Mission, and Goals – They Become Greater.” – RAJ GAVURLA

Daily you position services and products as the best so a client and/or prospect buys to develop and grow their business. Throughout the day we interact with family, colleagues, clients, prospects, community, and friends. There are rankings for the best in a specific industry, sports team, car, humanitarian of the year, person of the year, and so on. Regardless of ranking, one needs to continue progressing to determine who or what is the best. That’s why you research, create services and products, market, sell, or play the football, basketball, soccer, and tennis season to determine who is the best.

Four Constructs To Be The Best:

1. Mental
Learning is the catalyst for positive change. It creates new mental constructs for you to apply. Apply the learning. Learning comes in many forms: books, family, watching a professional speaker, class, interview, tv, movie, friends, and other peoples’ experiences. Develop and grow your mental strength and learn how to learn.

2. Emotional
Because we interact and have relationships with others we need the best emotion so we can be of the most value. Peaking at the right time and not too early or too late is a skill needing honing. Clean out the emotional baggage. Your relationships will be good.

3. Physical
By eating right (nutrition) and exercising you optimize your mental abilities and gain benefits you didn’t think of. Your body language and demeanor become congruent. Consistently flow and feel the endorphins throughout the day. Make stretching a part of your exercise. Consistently learn how to eat right, consistently learn how to exercise, and consistently learn how to stretch so you see consistent results without getting injured.

4. Spiritual
We have freedom. You can believe in what you believe in. I’m spiritual, I believe in all faiths. I think there will be others. That’s for me. I pray to one god (universal god) in the evening and silently pray throughout the day when something good happens or when I need to reduce stress. What’s your faith? Who do you pray to?

Transform your performance.  Work on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual constructs to be the best.