When I Speak To and Coach Performers and Achievers

“You make it beneficial and fun to learn how, implement, and innovate through elite mental strategies.”     – Raj Gavurla

When I speak to and coach performers and achievers, I highly individually customize their solution. Usually the problem or issue is in one of the following:

1. Apprehensive about competing at a higher level
2. Negative Environment & Culture created by specific people
3. Overthinking
4. Confidence
5. Performance Anxiety &/or Overwhelm

If you are a performer, achiever, and want help, contact me to have a private personal professional confidential conversation at 864.569.2315, raj@rajgavurla.com.


Our Introductory Clinic for your fitness, wellness/health, career, school, or camaraderie.  Bonus: Solve injuries from the past, strengthen and prevent injuries, and its affect on your human performance/life at home, in your workplace, and doing your hobbies.

Here is our Introductory Clinic on Practical Human Performance Life Development & Breakthroughs In Learning available for you to see the outline and schedule. LiiiVEN is grateful to partner with Greenville Running Company.

Here’s the link you need to see the outline: Raj Gavurla, LiiiVEN, Partnering With Jeff Milliman, Greenville Running Company

Your “The Zone” (Individual) & “The Zone Effect” (Organization/Team/Teammates) Continuum:

Your “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” is described as making performance development, breakthroughs, records, everything is in slow motion (everything slows down), time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), distance stands still (isn’t a deterring factor) and your life and performance feels effortless (weightless).  Neither is repeatable.  You are growing as a person, interconnected with your life, business, and sport(s); Your “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, and Records.

My “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” Preview Video

Take a look at my one sheet to help you, your organization, and your team.

Your Most Recent “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, Records 

What development, breakthroughs, and records are important for you to accomplish?  Please send me a private personal professional message and I will reply.

A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the person you want to become
and start being the person you want to be.” – Bruce Springsteen

If you are a performer, achiever, and want help for your specific problem or issue contact me at 864.569.2315, raj@rajgavurla.com.

About the Author Raj Gavurla

Raj helps and works with individuals, teams, and athletes that want to experience human performance, life, organizational development and breakthroughs interconnected with your life, business, and sports.

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