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Mental Health

You or your loved one might be living with a mental health challenge. If not, it’s in your community and you see it on the news. The president of the United States convened a mental health symposium and now communities are doing similarly. The health of Americans and people throughout the world is vital to socioeconomic exponential growth. Besides eliminating terrorism, health is everyone’s highest priority. Families, businesses, communities, schools, and the economy thrives when we are well.

We all need to work together to solve this health crisis not turn a blind eye, be scared, or frightened. Being a strong mental health advocate, having toured community residential care facilities (CRCF), training police officers, and speaking with anyone who wants to solve this crisis is essential to make better lives and save lives. We’ve progressed from institutionalization, to living in society, and for some making a real living doing meaningful work that doesn’t waste their talent.

We want your voice as it is important we all work together (patient centered care, collaboration, understanding, and cooperation) to solve this crisis as Americans and global citizens. Here’s my voice to help and grow people:

1. If there isn’t a cure, we need to educate patients for better patient outcomes. If there is a cure for any medical condition, then the patient doesn’t receive education.

2. We need to take side effect(s) and allergic reaction(s) out of medication and/or other treatments. We need performing world class doctors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and government making it easier to make advancements in this initiative. Too many people are struggling and/or suffering. What are some of the side effect(s) and allergic reaction(s)?

1. Frightened your life is in jeopardy
2. No sex drive
3. Suicidal thoughts

It’s time for individualized medicine. Know in advance whether or not a medication will cause a side effect or allergic reaction in a patient. Not give it to the patient to see if they experience a side effect or allergic reaction and then change the medication. This causes trauma and costs skyrocket in mental health care.

Some doctors need to stop yelling at their patients. Your patient interaction and communication has a tremendous effect on your patient’s well-being. Why are you a doctor? If a doctor can’t do this then they need to do another job. Have a robust (real) conversation(s) with your patient. You’ll enjoy your job/work more and deliver better patient outcomes (a real miracle).

3. Create positive interaction and communication (family and/or select friends) by asking a loved one what their dreams are and love them by helping, assisting, coaching, and mentoring them to accomplish and succeed in living their dreams and exciting goals. One way a patient can be positive towards themselves is by asking positive questions such as:

1. Why do I live my dreams and exciting goals?
2. Why am I the best in the world?
3. Why do I perform world class?
4. Why am I a humanitarian first?

We need more than the words, “you can” for positive interaction and communication. Run from negativity. Talk and think positive to one another.  Approach people the right way.

4. Eat right. You’ve probably heard eat a larger portion of vegetables and fruits with meals than meat (protein) and carbohydrates. Put a lemon in your water and eat the lemon afterwards to balance the acid and alkaline levels in your body. It will make you feel and look thinner (not bloated). Here’s more on why from Tony Robbins, .

5. Meditate at a time convenient for you. It works to clear your mind and gain clarity on what you want to accomplish. Being attentive to your breath while meditating is the key. There is meditation music on YouTube.

6. Walk every day for at least thirty minutes at the best time for you. Think “glide” while you walk. Walking creates reactions in your body for optimal wellbeing and longevity. Include a hill and downhill in your route, if possible. Stretch afterwards and consistently learn how to do stretches for muscle flexibility and strength. If you have chronic pain, I highly recommend the exercises in the book, Pain Free, by Pete Egosque. To make sure you’re moving right make an appointment with a physiology functional trainer. Tell them your goals and measure your progress.

7. For those who want to work, we need to make meaningful employment happen so we don’t waste talent. This would require reasonable accommodations and patients’ doctors, therapists, counselors (healthcare team) to include family and the patient’s employer working closely together for your company to benefit from talent and make your employee a better life. Help them gain independence. Everyone involved will receive more fulfillment than you could possibly imagine.

8. There is no such thing as “tough love”. Show people with mental health challenges and their family real love by really loving them. Remember, love is the force and bond that defeats any form of evil. Find ways to love each other more. It’s the right thing to do.

9. It’s time for advancements in humanness, medicine, and technology to exponentially progress from ambulatory and functional medicine to the next level of medicine, better patient outcomes for optimal health/performance and longevity.

Make better lives by performing world class to win more and live a robust life. It’s very rewarding, enjoyable, and fun. The American people and people throughout the world deserve a robust standard of living and life.  We want your voice to solve the mental health crisis in America and globally.

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