Four Mental Constructs To Be The Best

Be The Best

 “Live Your Great Dreams, Focused Best Vision, Mission, and Goals – They Become Greater.” – RAJ GAVURLA

Daily you position services and products as the best so a client and/or prospect buys to develop and grow their business. Throughout the day we interact with family, colleagues, clients, prospects, community, and friends. There are rankings for the best in a specific industry, sports team, car, humanitarian of the year, person of the year, and so on. Regardless of ranking, one needs to continue progressing to determine who or what is the best. That’s why you research, create services and products, market, sell, or play the football, basketball, soccer, and tennis season to determine who is the best.

Four Constructs To Be The Best:

1. Mental
Learning is the catalyst for positive change. It creates new mental constructs for you to apply. Apply the learning. Learning comes in many forms: books, family, watching a professional speaker, class, interview, tv, movie, friends, and other peoples’ experiences. Develop and grow your mental strength and learn how to learn.

2. Emotional
Because we interact and have relationships with others we need the best emotion so we can be of the most value. Peaking at the right time and not too early or too late is a skill needing honing. Clean out the emotional baggage. Your relationships will be good.

3. Physical
By eating right (nutrition) and exercising you optimize your mental abilities and gain benefits you didn’t think of. Your body language and demeanor become congruent. Consistently flow and feel the endorphins throughout the day. Make stretching a part of your exercise. Consistently learn how to eat right, consistently learn how to exercise, and consistently learn how to stretch so you see consistent results without getting injured.

4. Spiritual
We have freedom. You can believe in what you believe in. I’m spiritual, I believe in all faiths. I think there will be others. That’s for me. I pray to one god (universal god) in the evening and silently pray throughout the day when something good happens or when I need to reduce stress. What’s your faith? Who do you pray to?

Transform your performance.  Work on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual constructs to be the best.

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Raj helps and works with individuals, teams, and athletes that want to experience human performance, life, organizational development and breakthroughs interconnected with your life, business, and sports.

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