Transform Your Performance: Leadership Mood Chairs

“Create business with performance and/or entrepreneurial leadership shifts.” – Raj Gavurla
When you communicate is your body language congruent with your word choice?  Similar to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the people in your organization do 80% of the work, the words you use (20%) have 80% of the meaning. Therefore, the words have more meaning than body language.  Since most people aren’t professional actors, you aren’t always congruent with your body language and words.  The application of Leadership Mood Chairs with a skilled facilitator creates robust conversation (has more value and saves time), solves conflict, and creates the following ROI depending on how well you use it:

Standard Costs Measured:
Wasted Opportunity
Lost Time – Due To Absenteeism
Lost Opportunity – Due To Absenteeism
Staff Turnover
Related Legal Support
Non-Legal Support

Innovation Costs Measured:
Lack of New Ideas and Innovation
Reduced Creativity
Diminished Problem Solving Capacity
Lost Opportunities
Degraded Decision
Quality Change
Resistant Team
Difficulty in Pivots
Market Entry Delays
Focus on Productivity is Diminished
Lack of Sense of Urgency
Quality of Product or Service
Diminished Reputation; re: Employees & Prospective Employees
Employees & Prospective Employees
Incompetence Tolerated / Team Complacency
Lowered Job Motivation and Productivity
Demotivated Staff Due to Lack of Progress
Loss of Core Skilled Employees
Reduced Innovation Premium on Company Value
Erosion of Shareholder Value

Are you seeing more of this because of stress, performance anxiety, tension, and mood?

Body Language and Word Choice

entrepreneurial shift and performance shift

Share performance and/or entrepreneurial leadership shift(s) in your organization and in your group(s). Each person might apply, customize, and implement the shift(s). How does an idea flow?

Sports Teams

Speed sessions so everyone has a voice. Why not have everyone contributing 100%? You have intelligent people who aren’t contributing because of conflict, intimidation, and/or status.  This might be for something greater or to solve an issue that has been blown out of proportion.

sports chairs

Win championships with champion’s mentality speed sessions to build your team’s, players (athletes), groups of players, coaches, groups of coaches, and groups of coaches and players performance mental skills.

Leadership Mood Chairs


You’ll be more aware of your body language and word choice after using Leadership Mood Chairs.  It’s an advanced performance tool applied to specific situations.

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Raj helps and works with individuals, teams, and athletes that want to experience human performance, life, organizational development and breakthroughs interconnected with your life, business, and sports.

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