About Raj

“Your succeeding is our goal.  I help my clients live their dreams and clear goals interconnected with their life, business, and sports.” – Raj Gavurla

Founded in 2001, LiiiVEN is a private personal professional family friendly create and experience human performance/life development and breakthroughs, human resource management/development speaking, coaching, training, and consulting company to help you. The three i’s stand for integrity, involvement, and imagination. Raj adheres to these principles in all of his sustainable deal with clients and when partnering.

My Purpose (My Why; Relationship of My Inspiration & Motivation)
Serve to successfully grow living life and successfully help people (individuals and their families), organizations, communities, and schools succeed in a fulfilling and rewarding way sustainably raising the standard of living.

Raj is driven and committed to help sustainably grow individuals and their families, business(es), community(ies), and school(s) interconnected with your life, business, and sports.

Live more to create and experience add value services and programs for clients and the people important to them to help them with private personal professional development and breakthroughs in learning and performance to sustainably develop and grow skills, create, and innovate.

Inclusive Community City (Families, Businesses, Communities, Schools) Mission
LiiiVEN is deeply committed and devoted and to solve mental health for everyone.

Help clients (individuals, organizations, teams) and partners succeed with extremely high character deepening relationships (integrity), togetherness (involvement), and add value (imagination).

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Raj Gavurla came to America when he was four and a half with his mom and sister on a flight from Hyderabad, India to New York City. The first words he heard in America were dad saying, “Raju I bought candy!” Dad had a Hershey’s bar. A Hershey’s bar is still his favorite; however, he likes it with almonds.  The next day they drove to Greenville, SC.

Since 2004 Raj has been helping people live achieving their dreams and clear goals; there’s more. He’s been in front of so many groups with people from different industries including individuals and their family, many types of organizations, many types of teams including owners, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, teachers, sports players/athletes, campers, patients, students, older population, community, schools representing the full spectrum of age (older generations to kids).

He has had success and adversity and responded living his greatest dreams, goals (self-empowerment),  and entrepreneurial vigor to help  individuals and their family, businesses, communities, and schools.

Expert Speaking Professionally
Raj has helped and continues to help inspire, educate, motivate, instruct, a little funny, passionate, and invigorate individuals, organizations, and teams to create and experience human performance/life development and breakthroughs; human resource management/development interconnected with your life, business, and sports (championships).

Whether you are nurturing, developing, building, and growing to make development and breakthroughs, Raj’s excelling expertise (experience, knowledge, skills), examples, and authentic stories (inspiring, educating, motivating, instructional, a little funny, passionate, invigorating) equip organizations to consistently perform creating and experiencing human performance/life development and breakthroughs; human resource development.

“Achieve the best, win, outcomes (the best, better results) interconnected with your life, business, championships, and no one loses unless there is violence (picking on, taunting, or physical) sustainably raising the standard of living.” – Raj Gavurla

Trade, business, community, healthcare associations, corporations, schools, sports teams, and government use his services, programs, and products. He applies his practical leading edge human performance/life development and breakthroughs research and performance process,  Win Forward Human Performance/Life Pyramid, towards your organization’s success.

Raj is the author of seven publications Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Human Performance/Life Tools (workbooks), Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools (manual)Winning at Entrepreneurship (book), is interviewed by the media, and has written expert articles.

Coaching, Training/Learning Sessions/Clinics, & Consulting
In addition to speaking, he coaches, trains, consults, and advises entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, coaches and sports players/athletes (professional, semi-pro, college, high school, youth, recreational) with his Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Human Performance/Life Tools program. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size, and small businesses.

Before creating his own mental human performance/life services and programs, Raj learned from some of the best mental coaches, is a trained mental toughness coach, trainer, consultant, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) mental toughness, Champions Mental Edge, and US Center for SafeSport trained.  Raj helps and works with coaches and  players/athletes (professional, semi-pro, student/college, student/high school, student/youth, recreational).  He applies six years of practical leading edge research and performance process, Win Forward Human Performance/Life Pyramid, Thrive With A Win Forward Human Performance/Life Foundation Learning, Educating, Training Module, “The Zone & The Zone Effect” (optimal) performance mentality mindset mastery tools.

Education & Training
Raj is an avid reader and holds his Masters in Human Resource Development (Phi Beta Kappa, 4.0) and a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University, has worked as an adjunct professor, consultant, engineer, model, actor, and referee. He is involved in leadership, education, and healthcare initiatives.  He is a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Senior Certified Professional, is achieving his experiential Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association, and is an alumni of Leadership Greenville.

Giving Community Service
He currently mentors a fifth grader and mentored a fifth, third and fourth graders at Pelham Rd., All Stars, is a Hall of Fame mental health facilitator, and is a very strong mental health advocate.  He serves on a community board, state planning council, and other community organizations. He has a niece and two nephews that amaze him (my “The Zone Effect” moments).

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It’s the relationship of  yourwin with an entrepreneur's mood, mindset, and motivation inspiration and motivation (your purpose (why?), the top line, and forward line), mentality (skills and instincts) and mindset (what you think?), and mood (how you feel?, bottom line, action, habits) that needs “The Zone Effect” to consistently accomplish your greatest dreams, mission, holistic community mission, vision, clear goals, and aspirations; there’s more.

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