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Raj Gavurla One Sheet

Raj’s Preview Video



Raj gives his clients and each person in attendance two flashing blinking stars (red, white, and blue) as a memento in all his programs. It is shown at the end of his introductory video above. One for them to keep and one for them to give to someone telling them what his client program meant to them with a sense of respect. When they see him again they tell him, “I still have the flashing blinking star you gave me” which means they remember your event.

Live Your Win Dreams & Clear Goals  

It’s Worth Seeing That Again

An epiphany provoking, inspirational, and motivational riveting program where you live your success dreams, mission, vision, clear goals, and aspirations.

Your “The Zone & The Zone Effect”

You Don’t Need To Struggle or Suffer

Inspire and motivate your team’s performance process outcomes to experience your “The Zone & The Zone Effect” breakthroughs in learning.

“Raj Gavurla is a dynamic speaker who helped my organization to better employee communication skills. He researched the ins and outs of my business and company climate before even taking the stage. He is professional and knowledgeable about his subject. I would highly recommend him to any company looking to have a more positive mindset.”– Mary Y Bryan, Executive Director, Laurel Crest Retirement Center

Winning At Entrepreneurship

Join The Movement

Winning At Entrepreneurship Book by Raj GavurlaWhether you are a corporate executive or entrepreneur, Raj applies innovation and entrepreneurial thinking for your organization to learn, nurture, develop, build, evolve, grow and make breakthroughs in each. Learn the difference between innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, change, and when to use them in your organization’s environment and cultural continuum. Experience a practical and engaging keynote with examples, relevant stories, and the right amount of inspiration, education, motivation, instruction, and a little fully to create and experience development and breakthroughs.

“Raj Gavurla has written a book about “winning at entrepreneurship”. Read this book with a good marking pen because it contains a ton of valuable advice for all business owners.”– Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic

“Thank you so much for speaking to our group of local small business owners in July. It was a great presentation and you created a lot of excitement and motivation within our group. Thank you for sharing your experiences and how you overcame personal setbacks.”– Susan Vickery, Towne Lake Business Association

For your conventions, conferences, corporate, community, schools, breakout sessions, employee development and growth:

Learning Sessions (Clinics)

Performers & Achievers Prepare for Your Next Performance With Your Raise The Bar Primer

You Will Never Be The Same

An engaging way using your knowledge, critical thinking, words, thoughts, stories, and images experiencing human performance/life development and breakthroughs by having Raj show you how to use and apply the Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Skills & Life Tools workbook. Your mental skills and tools nurture, develop, build, grow, and evolve as you make breakthroughs growing as a person interconnected with your life, business, and hobbies.

1. In-person team workshop (learning session) or retreat 

2. Monthly teach a mental human performance skill for the team in-person or on-line and answer current human performance questions

 3. Highly individualized human performance/life coaching and consulting for individual team members


Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools

Join The Movement

Does your organization want to perform innovative and entrepreneurial? Learn innovation and entrepreneurial thinking tools and practically apply leading edge performance tool and research, Win Forward Human Performance/Life Pyramid, to help your organization and employees perform innovative and entrepreneurial. Whether you want to be more innovative and entrepreneurial or you already are these tools add clarity and reduce stress. Experience customized practical examples, relevant stories, and the right amount of inspiration, education, motivation, instruction, and a little fully to create and experience development and breakthroughs. Q&A throughout.

Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools:

• Business Cycle, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Shift, Point of Diminishing Return, Decision Making Formula
• Entrepreneurial Success Formula
• Conflict Resolution Using My Leadership Mood Chairs Performance Tool
• Generate Valuable Ideas With Adaptability Links
• My Interactive Coaching Process
• My Win Forward Human Performance Process Outcomes Life Pyramid
• Go from a Talent (Fixed) Mindset to a Grow Mindset

Bring a unique learning experience to employees and members. Have Raj creatively customize a learning (session) workshop or seminar to help them perform at another New Best Level. This interactive learning session (workshop) stimulates your innovation and entrepreneurial thinking using innovation and entrepreneurial thinking tools. Learn and apply so you can use over and over to consistently performance, create, and experience development and breakthroughs.

“Thank you!!!!! ….. for your time, your effort and most importantly the value you brought to us on Thursday. The content was very good. We’re a hard group to please in that we are always looking for hard-hitting information and advice that will directly impact the success of our businesses. In your presentation, you showed us how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the company. Of particular value to me, I came to understand the importance of my mood in motivating and influencing people.”– Tom Cramer, Founder & Co-Chairman, The Brain Trust




Present Professionally

Presentations Create Opportunities Currently Unknown To Us

Learn the three pillars of presenting professionally for your professional development and growth.  Bring your presentation material and be coached at the workshop, Q&A throughout by a professional speaker and author. This session is for beginner and advanced presenters.

Facilitations/Retreat Facilitations

Facilitating your process to achieve your goals.  Exercises and tools specific to your needs will be applied.

Read Raj’s Thought Leadership and Approach Interconnected With Your Life, Business, and Sports

Since each client is unique, different, and has their objectives my programs and services are customized for you to experience human performance/life development & breakthroughs, human resource development.

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Raj In The Community

“Raj tells his story from the heart and inspires others to go beyond where they are today. I would highly recommend Raj as a motivational speaker for any group. His message is pertinent to everyone.”– DORIT REICHENTAL, PAST EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NAMI GREENVILLEraj usa flagDSC_9531DSC_9568dekcsbwalkofheroesmagicwandfoundationmagicwandfoundationeventsalonsnami captains meeting
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