Are You Attending The Youth World Cup Championships?

“Are you living humanitarian inclusivity progression of your success dreams and clear goals; there’s more.” – Raj Gavurla

While on living humanitarian inclusivity sustainable growth teamwork business; there’s more; youth soccer players kept appearing.  There was a big soccer tournament preparing for the Youth World Cup Championships.  I asked what position they play and do they play for a Greenville team?  They tell me and some play for a Greenville team and some don’t.

We have a private personal professional confidential conversation.  While talking to them sometimes they say “we lost”.  I am compassionate, empathize, and talk to them.  I tell them (say to them) “one team wins better results and one team wins results.  You only lose if there is unsporting.  Be the best.  Respect soccer and soccer respects you.”

Are you attending the Youth World Cup Championships?



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