“The Qualitative Drives The Quantitative Continuum.” – Raj Gavurla

“Thank you! …for your time, your effort and most importantly the value you brought to us on Thursday. The content was very good. We’re a hard group to please in that we are always looking for hardhitting information and advice that will directly impact the success of our businesses. In your presentation, you showed us how to apply entrepreneurial thinking in the company. Of particular value to me, I came to understand the importance of my mood in motivating and influencing people.” – Tom Cramer, Founder & Co-Chairman, The Brain Trust

“Raj Gavurla has written a book about “winning at entrepreneurship”. Read this book with a good marking pen because it contains a ton of valuable advice for all business owners.”– Pat Williams, Sr. Vice President – Orlando Magic

“Raj Gavurla is a dynamic speaker who helped my organization to better employee communication skills. He researched the ins and outs of my business and company climate before even taking the stage. He is professional and knowledgeable about his subject. I would highly recommend him to any company looking to have a more positive mindset.” – Mary Y Bryan, Executive Director, Laurel Crest Retirement Center

“We would like to thank you for coming to the girls basketball camp to speak with girls about consistently playing at the top of their game. When you spoke about having the right mindset, mood, and motivation to stay at the top of the game, I noticed the girls were very attentive and focused on the message you were conveying. Having the right attitude to reflect a positive spirit is very powerful! The girls absorbed the information and brought a different attitude to camp the remainder of the time.” – Rhonda Mapp, Follow Your Dreams, WNBA Champion 

“His speech was intense and full of real life experiences. The highlight was the discussion on the topic of “moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset” was very educative besides captivating. The audiences thoroughly enjoyed and were exposed to “how to achieve solutions” for their highest priority problems via an interactive demonstration of Raj’s research. We are very thankful to Raj Gavurla for conducting this seminar and enlightening the audience with his innovative ideas and above all provided immense motivation to take charge of one’s life and problems.” – Subhash Dulekar, President, Vedic Center of Greenville

“The particpation of the audience was very good on your part. You able to help her get confidence in going about achieving her goal. She was on fire about achieving it. I would like for you come out again to our group.” – Harold Rivers, Programs, STAR

“It was a great presentation and you created a lot of excitement and motivation within our group. Thank you for sharing your experiences and how you overcame personal setbacks. Also, I read your book “Winning at Entrepreneurship” and found it very helpful in my efforts as a small business owner and entrepreneur. I recommend it for all entrepreneurs.” – Susan Vickery, VP Programs, Towne Lake Business Association

“More than 400 of the foundation’s stakeholders, consumers, and employees participated in the 3-mile walk on the beautiful morning of June 28 in Downtown Decatur. Your gracious contribution of the motivational speeches was very much appreciated by the participants, volunteers, and staff. Thank you for being our hero in our effort to celebrate and support those that we touch every day.” – Jana Scoville, Director, Community Relations

“Raj Gavurla is an inspirational speaker and motivator. Thank-you so much for your inspirational as well as educational presentation today for the residents at AHEPA One. Raj was able to work with our translator and was very effective. I was truly inspired by your personal courage.” – Peggy Howard, Service Coordinator, AHEPA One

“Thank you for speaking at our new Buckhead Business Network in December. Your program taught our audience some common sense strategies that we often forget in our steps to entrepreneurship. By covering topics such as strong relationships, marketing, sales skills, and mental toughness then adding networking, we all walked away with new found knowledge.” – Debbie Griffith-Brown, President, Professional Network Connections

“The best and most relevant presentation anyone has ever made at a NAMI Dekalb educational meeting. You tailored your remarks to the group perfectly. I will continue to stress your points to myself and our members at every opportunity. Everyone leaving the presentation was in a better state of mind than they were before coming. It was a joy to see how empowered they all were.” – Naomi Godfrey, President, NAMI Dekalb

“Raj tells his story from the heart and inspires others to go beyond where they are today. I would highly recommend Raj as a motivational speaker for any group. His message is pertinent to everyone.” – Dorit Reichental, Past Executive Director NAMI Greenville

“Your seminar presentation on ISA’s Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Program was very well received by our members.The information in your speech and the additional reference material you provided were fascinating, detailed, and timely. Our greatest benefit by attending this seminar was a new “can-do” attitude towards a complex process of submitting the application and preparing for the test. Reaching this new plateau of credentials will enhance our marketability in the automation and controls world. We hope that you enjoyed meeting the members of the Atlanta Section and that you will consider returning in the future to present another seminar.” – Maurice Hurst, PE, ISA Section President

“Your suggestion about working with others as a team to make the most of a job search really hit home and I know our attendees will be able to act on that immediately.” – Debbie Rodkin, Layoff Lounge City Director – Atlanta

“Raj is a talented presenter with a great and creative mind. He has insight into what it takes to be an entrepreneur.” – Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG

“I like your passion!” – Ken Futch, CPAE, CSP

“Raju knows how to relate to an audience on so many levels. If you want your audience to take action on changing behavior, Raju knows how to get it done.” – Mel Campbell

“You’re a pro!” – Lorice Black

“He is a wonderful speaker and person. I don’t think I will ever forget this session.” – Sandra Minkler

“Very energetic, enthusiastic, and heartfelt presentation.” – Jalaja Clough

“I never wanted to accept this as an illness that my son has. Once I did accept, I learned he doesn’t think like I do. We are working on positive thinking. He is very smart. He also wants to be an electrical engineer.He has signed up for his GED and is going to school.” – Lois Damron

“Keep On Keepin On….You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you from my heart.Thanks for the flashy blinky star!” – Pat Ferguson

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