Stop Struggling Or Suffering: Personalize A Positive Not A Negative

“Personalize a positive not a negative.” – Raj Gavurla

Struggling or Suffering










To stop struggling or suffering we must learn to stop internalizing things and instead share with the right person or people. Approach them the right way.

What are you struggling or suffering with?


1. Your health is not as good as you want although you sought medical care. Please don’t internalize things by thinking something is “wrong with you.” Instead, share with your healthcare providers how you feel/your feelings, and what you are experiencing.  Be sure to research other treatments and pursue what makes sense to you. Please don’t have fatalistic thinking such as “I’ll be like this for a long time or forever.”

A very motivating, educating, and inspiring scene on Saturday made me think. I saw two people playing wheelchair tennis. I had only seen this on t.v. When they first became handicapped, I imagine life looked bleak. Each responded with resilient fortitude to enjoy, be rewarded, and have fun playing tennis. Amazing! I would love to see them walking and playing tennis. That would endlessly thrill me. Wanting more for another person (others) and someone wanting more for you is living a robust life.

2. In school or at work are you making the progress and advancements you want or need? If not, test this strategy. Learn the history of the field. New neural learning connections form in your brain to make it easier on yourself to learn the new material. Also, learn by researching and talking with the right people to learn the knowledge you need and then deliberately practice the knowledge for it to become skill. Skill is applied knowledge at the appropriate time. To make advancements, use creativity and innovation to make it more meaningful to you. What do I mean? Some things have the same structure whether it’s what you are working on, school work, a football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or golf game, track meet, a song, or a documentary. After having the knowledge and skill, it’s your ability to create and innovate that makes it of value (valuable) to you and to others. This is more enjoyable, rewarding, and fun for you. Test it.

3. If a loved one is struggling or suffering, it doesn’t mean you need to struggle or suffer. Instead, help them and support them with your love, kindness, share meaningful things with each other, and learn medicine to have conversations with them about their treatment plan. It’s very humane to do so. You’ll receive tremendous fulfillment and learn more about the greater significance of relationships.

4. Do what you love or like. If you don’t love it or like it and/or it doesn’t make sense then don’t do it.  Look into it more if that’s important to you.

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