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Experiencing Intelligent Breakthroughs In Your Performance & Life #2: Your Environment

Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee

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Meaningful Relationships

“Develop, build, and grow meaningful relationships.” – Raj Gavurla

What are meaningful relationships?

  1.  Focused on meaningful better outcomes for all parties involved
  2.  Communication to consistently build and grow trust flows without obstruction
  3.  If needed, there is meaningful compassion and good will
  4.  Each experiences intelligent breakthroughs in performance and life

Therefore, know why, how, and what to do to develop, build, and grow meaningful relationships.  It’s unique and different for each person.


“The Zone” Effect (This is when everything is in slow motion, feels effortless, and delivers meaningful better outcomes.)

In business, sports, and life daily practice is needed to experience intelligent breakthroughs.  Is that possible?

Yes, because you are able to do meaningful mental rehearsal daily.  Meaningful mental rehearsal is highly pragmatic to grow your skills, consistency, and experience intelligent breakthroughs towards your clear goals.  Depending on what the skill is and your level you are either nurturing, developing, building, or growing it.

When the skill is in the grow stage, you are adding your uniqueness, difference, and leadership.  This is what separates you from the pack and is valuable.  With the best customized support services you are able to get to this level of growth to accomplish your clear goals.

Learn from me and learn from your inherent gifts, talents, and skills and discover new gifts, talents, and skills to go much further in all aspects of life with fulfillment, more ease, fun, and enjoyment.  Look at anyone you admire that has tremendous success and they have the best customized support services for them.  Depending on what your clear goals are these are:

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Faith, philosophy on life, or non-faith
  3. Doctors and medical professionals
  4. Multiple Coaches (technique and strategy, presentation)
  5. Mental Performance and Life Coach for experiencing intelligent breakthroughs
  6. Trainer
  7. Speaking programs and events
  8. Nutritionist

It’s not who you think you are that holds you back it’s who you think you’re not.” – Unknown

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Build & Grow Trustworthy Relationships

“Build and grow trustworthy relationships.” – Raj Gavurla

Know and think why and how to help and work with each other to help others shine brighter.

In building and growing trustworthy relationships, there needs to be value and goodwill.  This happens when you develop a relationship.  If your wanting to build and grow a trustworthy relationship and someone says to contact them or e-mail them as the next step and they don’t reply then what do you do.  You need to ask yourself do you want to pursue this because if they aren’t able to follow through on a simple agreed upon next step imagine what a high value money project with milestones and timelines would be like.

So, develop the relationship first before proceeding to build and grow a trustworthy relationship.  When developing the relationship the main concept is being able to communicate with each other without putting each other on the defensive.  Learn to know and think why and how to help and work with each other to help others shine brighter because of the deal agreed upon.

Enjoy and have fun taking your success to the next level.


The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.John C. Maxwell

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Win The Best Fun, Win Fun, Or Lose?

“Talk about living with more ease and fulfillment. I’m always giving, earning, experiencing breakthroughs building, and growing the right trustworthy relationships.” – Raj Gavurla

Did you “win the best fun”, “win fun”, or “lose”?  It depends.  If there are eight individuals or eight teams vying for the one “win the best fun” then one individual or one team “won the best fun”.  Does that mean the others lost?  No, it means they “won fun” in the order of their accomplishment.  Eight participated and no one or no other team had the privilege of participating.  When does someone or a team lose?  If they or their team didn’t have fun.

I write this because people  are being much too hard on them self.  As a boss or coach, your employees or athletes are being too hard on them self.  To experience and earn breakthroughs equip them with this intrinsic motivational and inspiring mental performance and life tool.

What would happen if we used this innovative way to create positive change in the way we keep track and score in business, sports, and life?  Do you think employees, athletes, family, friends, and making new friends engagement will build and grow?

Do you know, feel, see, passion, and energy flow in your mind?  Don’t mentally berate, yell, or be aggravated in your mind.  Use words equipping you to “win the best fun” in a mentally “soft tone”.


Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates


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Experience Intelligent Breakthroughs Performance and Life

“Breakthroughs in learning to experience performance and life breakthroughs” – Raj Gavurla

There’s no other way than learning from someone to generate breakthroughs in learning to experience performance and life breakthroughs.

Therefore, stop trying to do everything on your own.  It’s impossible because you have aspirations that require you to learn from someone.  What are the two main strategies to accomplish your aspirations?

     1. Ask for the right help and pay them

The point of significance is asking for the right help.  Your personal situation is unique and different and if someone is not able to listen first to what you want to accomplish to deliver the right help then you need to get the right help from someone else.  You want to build an authentic honest dialogue trusting relationship.  This isn’t about personalities it’s about performance and life breakthroughs leadership.

2.  Ask for qualitative advice and pay them

Who you receive advice from for your personal situation is huge.  Anyone giving you advice without listening to your personal situation, building an authentic honest dialogue trusting relationship with you, and doing research isn’t the right person to ask for qualitative advice for you.  When this is done the right way qualitative advice is given in a way that enables you to experience performance and life breakthroughs towards your aspirations.


1. Reflect on the times when you asked for the right help and paid them and also when you asked for qualitative advice and paid them.  It enabled you to accomplish your aspirations with more ease and fulfillment.

2.  Reflect on the time when you asked for help and paid them and also when you asked for advice and paid them.  How did it deter from you accomplishing your aspirations with more ease and fulfillment.

Do you know the difference between the right help, qualitative advice, help, and advice?


Though you cannot go back and start again, you can start from now and have a brand new end.” – Unknown


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Give Constructive Feedback To Build Authentic Honest Dialogue Trusting Relationships

                         “Build authentic honest dialogue trusting relationships for each person to thrive.”

– Raj Gavurla  


I’ve seen several approaches for giving constructive feedback.  Here’s mine after agreeing giving constructive feedback to build authentic honest dialogue trusting relationships would be better:

1. What can be better?
2. Listen
3. Talk w/ each other to equip (don’t say, “you are suppose to know that” or “you don’t know that”)
4. Reevaluate in the future

Using this framework allows for mental preparation and for mental performance to forward performance of each person involved.


Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

– Theodore Isaac Rubin

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