Win The Best Fun, Win Fun, Or Lose?

“Talk about living with more ease and fulfillment. I’m always giving, earning, experiencing breakthroughs building, and growing the right trustworthy relationships.” – Raj Gavurla

Did you “win the best fun”, “win fun”, or “lose”?  It depends.  If there are eight individuals or eight teams vying for the one “win the best fun” then one individual or one team “won the best fun”.  Does that mean the others lost?  No, it means they “won fun” in the order of their accomplishment.  Eight participated and no one or no other team had the privilege of participating.  When does someone or a team lose?  If they or their team didn’t have fun.

I write this because people  are being much too hard on them self.  As a boss or coach, your employees or athletes are being too hard on them self.  To experience and earn breakthroughs equip them with this intrinsic motivational and inspiring mental performance and life tool.

What would happen if we used this innovative way to create positive change in the way we keep track and score in business, sports, and life?  Do you think employees, athletes, family, friends, and making new friends engagement will build and grow?

Do you know, feel, see, passion, and energy flow in your mind?  Don’t mentally berate, yell, or be aggravated in your mind.  Use words equipping you to “win the best fun” in a mentally “soft tone”.


Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates


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