Build & Grow Trustworthy Relationships

“Build and grow trustworthy relationships.” – Raj Gavurla

Know and think why and how to help and work with each other to help others shine brighter.

In building and growing trustworthy relationships, there needs to be value and goodwill.  This happens when you develop a relationship.  If your wanting to build and grow a trustworthy relationship and someone says to contact them or e-mail them as the next step and they don’t reply then what do you do.  You need to ask yourself do you want to pursue this because if they aren’t able to follow through on a simple agreed upon next step imagine what a high value money project with milestones and timelines would be like.

So, develop the relationship first before proceeding to build and grow a trustworthy relationship.  When developing the relationship the main concept is being able to communicate with each other without putting each other on the defensive.  Learn to know and think why and how to help and work with each other to help others shine brighter because of the deal agreed upon.

Enjoy and have fun taking your success to the next level.


The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.John C. Maxwell

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