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The past couple of months I was a part of two new teams.  On the first one we weren’t guided by instruction, however, having been a part of several teams we had to come to agreement on how we would work, what we value as a team, what are goals, and how do we achieve them.

On the second team we were given guidance/instruction on creating  a team charter.  Both teams are high performing and it’s amazing how much there is to learn from teammates and build relationships.  For example, discussing how to approach a project versus just diving in really makes a huge difference in quality, efficiency, and fun.

As you can imagine, each team is protective of each other.  One more so than the other.  For a team to gain more and each individual to gain more identity must evolve.  By evolving identity each person and the team accomplishes so much more and there is a sense of togetherness and value that is indescribable. Each person believes they are a part of something special no one can take away!

Usually during our discussions and conversations as we wrap up to achieve our next goal(s) and mission we wrap up with one question.  “What are the next steps?” After discussions and conversations on your team(s) in accomplishing an assignment, goal, finding resolution, or coming to agreement, is someone asking a well timed “what are the next steps?“. 

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