What Are Your Fun Win More Living Better Outcomes?

“We want to win more fun living better outcomes.” – Raj Gavurla

What are your win more fun living better outcomes?

Decades ago I had an epiphany “win” and over the decades this is what I learned:

In order to win you need to dream and have goals.  It’s known without the ability to dream you would go insane.  Yet, so many people leave dreams to fate and are not consciously conscious about dreaming, how to interpret and apply their unexpected dreams, and what their nightmares mean.

Secondly, stop comparing yourself to others.  Sure, you can do research to have a barometer, however, it’s your value add that makes the difference. You are at your unique and different place interconnected with your life, business, and sports.  Therefore, how does your life interconnect with your goals and what is the right support system for you.  This is where for each of your goals you form the right support system consisting of helpful services.

Thirdly, people are not living better outcomes.  See your knowledge, experience, skills, and passion for more fulfillment isn’t just to win.  What are the living better outcomes?  This is when the endorphins flow.  As you achieve living better outcomes, the wins become easier and you win more fun enjoying success and most importantly it’s more fulfilling.

Fourthly, in the interconnected of your life, business, and sports consistently have skills in each you are developing, building, and growing.  For each skill to migrate to the next stage you intelligently work by consistently scheduling sessions to learn how to learn, that are challenging towards a breakthrough in each stage.

A breakthrough is something you can develop, build, and grow and at times they ignite personal bests.  Examples of breakthroughs are:

  1. You’re celebrating life’s fondest moments with your family, teammates, community, and others.  This could be a special occasion/event, someone’s birthday, graduation, better job, birth of a child, or a reunion. Could be you helped your sister learn to ride a bike and when you let go after several attempts she takes off and you never have to help her again.
  2. You’re the third person in the company to interface to a particular system.
  3. You set a record in [insert business objective/goal].
  4. You ran a 10k after playing tennis when your intent was to run two miles because you felt and experienced “the zone.”.  After this breakthrough, you’re productive performance process foundation grows.
  5. You’re feeling effortless getting to the ball instead of having to exert a lot of effort.
  6. Your company won the innovation award in your industry and received the largest reward of the ten entries.

Therefore, consistently work intelligently challenging towards a breakthrough(s) with sessions for relaxation, social outlet, and hobbies. 

In helping and working with individuals, teams, and athletes interconnected with their life, business, and sports, they sometime have a business goal or objective to set a record.  This makes sense.  What doesn’t make sense is the learning from each other and work wasn’t fulfilling and you haven’t grown your productive performance process foundation because it’s not sustainable, teammates became worn out, or injury prone.  There were no sessions for relaxation, social outlet, and hobbies. This isn’t a way towards a fulfilling vibrant business or athlete.

In helping athletes at any level including a national athlete it’s not about win Olympic gold and medals.  It’s much greater.  It’s about living your greatest dreams and goals they become greater.  What are your fond memories, you won gold, the relationships, breakthroughs, successes, and records? You learned from your  support system, modeled someone, or many, however, it was your value add that made and make breakthroughs in you living your greatest dreams and goals they become greater.  That’s essential!

Learn how to learn and apply the learning.

“The Zone” (Individual) & “The Zone Effect” (Organization/Team/Teammates) Continuum:

“The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” is described as making performance improvements, breakthroughs, records, everything is in slow motion (everything slows down), time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), distance stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), your life and performance feels effortless.  Neither is repeatable.  You are growing as a person, interconnected with your life, business, and sport(s); Your “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, and Records.

“The Zone” (Individual) & “The Zone Effect” (Team)
I’m consistently developing, building, and growing my track sessions, tempo runs, and there is no way I could do so without my right support system (me and applying my expertise, track session organizer, exercise functional physiologist trainer, my family).  This is important.  Effectively and efficiently communicate with the people important to you about where and what you are doing.  If you don’t, they will diminish your energy creating mental, emotional, and/or physical block(s).  Instead, I tell them “I’m going to track. Wish me good luck” and they do.  Wow!  Energy is flowing.

Greenville, SC’s professional soccer team, Greenville Triumph, won their inaugural home opener 2-1 versus the Lansing Ignite.  It was sold out.  As I watched standing on the deck, I read the plays coming towards me.  In an instant, calmness became breakthroughs as the athletes ran towards me.  Although Lansing scored first, the ball was on their side of the field most of the first half and second half. Triumph won more fun living better outcomes.


Your Most Recent “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect”

What development, breakthroughs, and records are important for you to achieve?  Please send me a personal message and I will reply.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Unknown

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Raj helps and works with individuals, teams, and athletes that want to experience human performance, life, organizational development and breakthroughs interconnected with your life, business, and sports.

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