A Few Sentences To Significantly Reduce Your Anxiety

“You have to and need to live more to enjoy and have fun!” – Raj Gavurla

Anxiety comes in many forms such as performance anxiety and social anxiety.  Since each person is different, unique, and in leadership the symptoms vary in frequency, intensity, duration.  To grow your mental skills with breakthroughs training here is a simple way to significantly reduce your anxiety.  Repeat the following sentences silently to yourself to nurture, develop, build, and grow your mental skills with breakthroughs training.

By reading my post you are in the nurturing stage.  To advance to the develop, build, and grow stages to make accomplishments repeat these sentences silently to yourself doing three sets of twenty repetitions and one set of ten repetitions.  By doing this you will be more effective and efficient because anxiety won’t distract, interfere, or create static in your mind.

Here are the sentences:

  1.  “I have to and need to live more to enjoy and have fun!”
  2.  “I have to be nicer to myself.”
  3.  “I feel effortless.”
  4.  “I have more self care.” [your anchor; use this the most]
  5.  “I feel more self care.”
  6.  “I have more heart.”
  7.   “Our team likes inclusive leadership teamwork.”
  8.  “Our team feels effortless.”
  9.   “I feel worthy.”
  10.   “Our team feels worthy.”
  11.   “Our team makes each other better.”
  12.   “It’s fast paced.”
  13.  “I have to make my parents better.”
  14.  “I have to make my family better.”
  15.  “I have to [insert action] ex: “I have to write my blog post.”
  16.  “I have more self care.” [your anchor; use this the most]
  17.  “I have gifts, talents, and skills.”

Example:  To train you another way of describing “the zone” is effort is distorted similar to time is distorted and distance is distorted.  I walk 1.8 miles to the store to experience “the zone” more and more often.  Today, I made more breakthroughs and it felt effortless running three miles.  I would love to experience “the zone” more and more often when I run and more breakthroughs when I walk.  Time, distance, and effort (feels effortless) are distorted.

You use these sentences as needed in any order by implementing them in real time.

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