Value of Learning


Take a few minutes to reflect on your achievements or a problem and think of one skill that helped you. I’ve been on the platform sharing my expertise and research with diverse groups (business groups, corporate, non-profit, government, schools, athletic, and community) and each time one question I ask as part of my preparation is: What does this group want to learn?

For example, you were in third grade and you wanted to learn so you could go to the fourth grade, then middle school, high school, and college. You had to learn new skills to achieve more. This applies to your job and to sports. The learning you have now only allows you to be at your current level of achievement, however, by learning new skills you can achieve the next level and beyond. Marshall Goldsmith succinctly puts it as the title of his book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There. That’s the value of learning.

One technique to really advance your learning is watching a video of yourself performing what you want to achieve. How about watching a video of your team or business performing what you want to achieve? Would this motivate and inspire performance?

In my presentation skills coaching, working with athletes, interview coaching, working with a business, and working with a team, I video clients so they can gain the full learning experience along with my coaching feedback for them to study. Of course, there are several other techniques we can use to develop a skill until we master it.

So take a look at your skills. How many have you mastered? How many need skill development? Take credit for the ones you mastered and find skill development techniques to help you master the others.

Your goals make your dreams a reality. What do you need to learn to achieve your great dreams and goals?

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