Value of Consistency

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There are several reasons one succeeds in a specific goal, project, or endeavor.  Think of a success you’ve had.  Can you write the key components for success on this goal, project, or endeavor?  What made it work and enjoyable?  

Did you list the word “consistency”?  The value of consistency produces tremendous benefits towards your success. After attending a leadership team building session, I noticed as the team members progressed through the stations the ability to work together became easier.  Why?

Initially, we had to discover the best approach to take.  As the day went on we honed our approach to the following:

1.  Someone in the group suggested an initial strategy and if it was good we used it.

2.   We listened to ideas.  This was essential to improving our initial strategy.  Do you listen to ideas in your company to improve performance?

3.  We went with the best idea(s) to create a better strategy.

4.  Then we had to perform as a team and individually to achieve better results.

5.  We “consistently” applied this approach.  Once we realized we had a methodology it became easier to accomplish our goals.

By the end of the day, we realized the value of consistency.  Did you list consistency as a key component to your success?

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