Unexpected Success

“The best is a changing status. Consistently compete to be the best for your clients, marketplace, and others.”
– Raj Gavurla

Unexpected Success


Sometime people want permission from society to live their great dreams.  Don’t let society tell you what to do instead contribute to society by pursuing and living your great dreams – they become greater.  The only time society is to be listened to is if you want to do something harmful to yourself or another person.  You creating and innovating and making you a better living by helping in the way you can is the contribution society wants and needs from you.

By living your great dreams unexpected success happens.  Some because you learned, saved, and invested to add to your great dreams and some occur because of the kindness of another or others.  When I started my professional career as an engineer, I didn’t plan on starting a business being an expert who speaks professionally, an author, coach, and consultant.  It just happened based on the professionally personal, personal, and private things occurring in my life.  Of course, it took learning, saving, investing, and contributing to the success of my clients, community, and society. Some people didn’t understand why I would do this.  It’s not that I stopped being an engineer.  I grew my skill set and for me engineering gave me an exceptional foundation to continue to develop, build, and grow.  My success has come from great dreams, self-empowerment, and entrepreneurial vigor.

During this time, I realized there was a concept called unexpected success.  It is different than luck.  Some examples are attending a meeting and meeting a complete stranger and realizing the two of you need to build a relationship with each other.  A few weeks ago, I was playing tennis with my friends at the park.  My racquet string broke. Manuel had an additional racquet for me to use so I thought.  Then he said, “It’s yours.  You can have it.”  Wow, unexpected success! It was very generous of him.  I was surprised to say the least.  Because I knew Manuel wanted to become a better tennis player, the following week I gave him my Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools six months’ worth tennis workbook. If you increase your awareness, you’ll see you also have unexpected success.  It’s the easiest type of success.

I remember as a kid my sister and I were playing in our driveway in Greenville, SC and someone put a very shiny wrapped basket in our yard.  I asked my sister, “Who put that there?”  She shrugged her shoulders with a warm smile. I said, “They might think we stole it.”  As I walked towards it someone put a fully stocked Easter basket with the shiny wrapping, shiny grass, loaded with chocolates, shiny eggs, and a hoola hoop.   We had no idea who did it. We ate the chocolates and played with the hoola hoop for years.  Unexpected success!  I imagine whoever gave us the gift drive by and see my sister and I playing with the hoola hoop and say to themselves, “We gave them that.”

I’m sure unexpected success will happen for you again as it will for me.








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