Trigger Success

“Use compelling motivational thoughts to propel you throughout the day.” – Raj Gavurla

Each of us have successes, hopes, and dreams and each of us has adversity whether small or big.   Being on the platform in front of very successful people, successful people, and those who have adversity, I’m amazed at the human spirit.  People have dreams, resiliency, and are filled with hope and success.

Yet, a person can also cave in.  Our own thoughts and the motivational words of others invigorate us to make progress whether small or big.  Thoughts and words really have a huge impact!  You may be on the verge of success or failure.

Instead of looking to ward off your triggers to avoid decline (not excelling at work, gaining weight, exercise is a drag) think of “trigger success”.  Yes, triggers can be very motivational.  Of course, we want to excel at work, be at our optimal BMI, and have a fit mind and body.

So instead of focusing on negative triggers to avoid think of a sub dream to your dream.  Your dream isn’t yet to be achieved and thinking about it too much will take you away from taking action (doing the little things).  By having a sub dream it will be easier to take action because you aren’t overwhelmed.  Make a greater effort towards your compelling vision of your sub dream than your dream.  Why?  Because by achieving your sub dream your dream will come racing towards you and becomes greater.

After having:

1.  A compelling vision of a sub dream to your dream

2.  Mentally prepare and have the thought “trigger success”

3.  Take action by doing the little things.  If/when you have a negative thought, have the thought “trigger success”.  You’ll instantly engage in the thoughts needed to execute the little things.  For example, call a prospect or other infinite motivational words you’ve read or heard from others relevant to doing the little things.  That’s why you attend events, read, and talk with people.  You have a mind full of them.  Are you using them?

Here’ a message from a peer:

“Never lose sight…just may happen…thanks, for your visions, and your wishes!!”

4.  Review your progress

5.  Find ways to perform better.  Usually this involves learning how to learn.  It will keep you from burning out.         If it’s too hard, then the thoughts aren’t in place.  If you are coasting, then raise the bar to make progress.

It’s number three that makes all the difference.  Use the word “trigger” in a positive way not the way it is usually portrayed (example, what’s the trigger that causes that problem).

Trigger success.

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