Three Ways to Build & Grow Team Chemistry

“Put some words in them.  Support your team by praising, encouraging, helping, working, and playing together. ” – Raj Gavurla

Whether you are on a team that’s been together for years, worked and played together for a season, recruiting to make new family friends/teammates to join your team, or forming a team, I listen to a coach’s concern in a discussion when they say “I hope they get along” and talk about personalities.  Here’s how to win sustainable better outcomes? 

1. Meet individually and collectively to learn about each other at our own pace

Depending on the purpose there are several customized activities to make this effective and efficient in a specific amount of time at a meet and greet, to learn a specific skill, for relaxation during the week and before a big game, funny during the week or before a big game, to celebrate, just to have a good time, or to help them succeed as a team individually and collectively.   

As you do so keep this in mind, “think before you talk.”  and my quote, “Put some words in them.  Support your team by praising, encouraging, helping, working, and playing together. ” – Raj Gavurla

What’s your performance & productive process?

This could be as easy as having a one on one lunch together so that when you work and play together it’s easier for you to learn, know, feel, see, listen, and use your intuitive instincts.  Although what we are achieving and accomplishing together is important, there are other aspects of life that are also important you might know of or have a resource to support and help your teammate.  It has nothing to do with their technical, clinical, and tactical skills and ability to play soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis, football, baseball, volleyball, or any other sport.  However, it does effect their productive performance process when they work and play together.   

Another example is when an educator at a hospital system would have refreshments, punch, and play games so we could learn about each other and team relaxation during the week before we trained and evaluated medical students and health professionals with the hands-on education and skills necessary to foster more humanistic, patient-centered care.

What’s your performance and productive process?

2. Learn specific skills from each other

Sometime people hoard skill and knowledge to ostensibly make themself of more value.  This hinders the organization’s teams’ and the individual’s achievement and accomplishments. It’s exciting to be able to add a skill to make your teammate better to make your team better. 

An example, Magic Johnson learned the hook shot from Kareem Abdul Jabbar and used it against the Boston Celtics in game four of the 1987 NBA Finals.   

Most importantly what skill are you learning from your family friend/teammate?

3. Learn to work and play together

Consistently 1. Meet individually and collectively to learn about each other at our own pace and 2. Learn specific skills from each other to work and play together.

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“The Zone” (Individual) & “The Zone Effect” (Organization/Team/Teammates) Continuum:

“The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” is described as making performance improvements, breakthroughs, records, everything is in slow motion (everything slows down), time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), distance stands still (isn’t a deterring factor) and your life and performance feels weightless.  Neither is repeatable.  You are growing as a person, interconnected with your life, business, and sport(s); Your “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, and Records.

My “The Zone Effect”

I innovated the heading to “The Zone Effect” because as you are succeeding it is benefiting another and others directly and/or indirectly.

I’ve had several. During the holidays, to celebrate Christmas, and the New Year I put up the decorations and select the cards to send specific family.  I don’t delegate this to someone.  It fulfills and enriches me and having family time with my sisters family from Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR, building family team chemistry, and seeing my niece and nephews grow is “wow”.  We threw the football, played spoons, hung out, went to Top Golf, played tennis, saw Star Wars (stupid movie!, God created light, therefore, there is no darkness (dark side), I did like people came, and the guys were in Greenville so we played basketball (unexpected success in my workbook).  I attended a New Year’s Day party for a few hours and went to a business drop in to meet my boss’ family and make family friends.  

Your Most Recent “The Zone Effect”

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“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.” – George Santayana

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