Thank Yourself and Ask Permission

“Thank yourself and ask permission.” – Raj Gavurla

Happy 4th of July!

4th of july

We need to create better opportunity. There are so many people who are limiting themself or someone is doing it to them. I don’t know what you are going through. I do know by working on doing better at what you aspire to you will be able to apply this approach to all aspects of your life.

You are better than you think and by preparing, listening, learning how to do better with professional coaching and advice, living a quality life, tracking and measuring your accomplishments, and evaluating your next step consistently you’ll easily see the good, fun, and enjoyment.

The key is “consistently” aspire to do better. An example is you had a great success at work or are winning more. It feels great! However, it goes away and unless you consistently schedule time and strategize to do better you’ll realize great success and winning more will elude you. Why? Because by “consistently” scheduling time, effort, strategy, and evaluation you’ll train your mind to accomplish things you didn’t imagine of.

It takes a highly customized approach and solution because you are unique, different, and in leadership. So, don’t count yourself out because of thinking “I’m not gifted”, I’m not talented”, “I’m not skilled”.  Learn how to do better at what you aspire to do and your time will come when you are the best on a given day.

Seeing how injuries affect people whether or not they are athletes, it’s imperative you learn how to stretch and realize which stretches to use when. It’s the aches and pains that cause mental breakdown. With quality support service(s) in all aspects of life you are very capable of a better life.

This 4th of July share this with someone so you realize we are in a world where you are not alone. Be honest and share your situation with the right people. Better opportunities come to you when you do so. Before I exercise since that’s not my job, I ask my mom for permission.

Why? Because it’s innovative and gives her authority and pleasure instead of her thinking what is my son doing.  I do it over the phone or in person.  Sometime she asks questions.  Who are you exercising with? Friends.  When will you be done? Two to four hours.  Who do you ask permission of before doing something consistently that’s not your job? It makes my exercise time a better experience.

This July 4th think of all the people including you who are making this a magnificent celebration of what our forefathers wrote in the constitution and “we the people” have worked on to create a place for you and everyone to belong living their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Don’t quit on life. Go forward. You are very deserving! Thank yourself.

“You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. – Ruth E. Renkl

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