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“Endless” Speech In Written Form for You Addressing A Joint Session of Congress

My partnership with “Endless”

“Endless” edited his speech to be inclusive and added oratorical wisdom (i.e. “echoes of freedom”). Please read as he is preparing to address a Joint Session of Congress.



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Did You Win Or Lose?

“Make it team win fun.” – Raj Gavurla

Consistently Perform

Did you win or lose? How about thinking about it this way?:

A team or individual either has “team win fun”, “amazing fun”, “loss” (if it wasn’t fun for you), or it’s a “tie”. No one is a loser. Forward economic mobility not poverty, hate, and violence.

This is “business as a calling (bring life) to earn a better package (includes better money).”

“Grow through what you go through.” – Anonymous

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Phrases That Pay To Create Performance Breakthroughs

“Use your skills at the right time.” – Raj Gavurla

build relationships

When I talk with people and coordinate with people, there are times when performance breakthroughs aren’t occurring.   Some phrases that might work for you are:

1.  Situation: They won’t do that.

     Ask:  “Who is they?”

2.  Situation: If we isn’t clear.

     Ask: “Who is we?”

3.  Situation: If us isn’t clear.

     Ask: “Who is us?”

4.  Situation:  If someone randomly says a word.

     Ask:  “What does that mean?”

5.  Situation: If you isn’t clear.

     Ask: “Who is you?”

6.  Situation: If them isn’t clear.

     Ask: “Who is them?”

7.  Situation: If I need that or send me the file isn’t clear it’s now.

     Ask:  When do you want it?

Remember the organization, team, and you are one.  If each isn’t exhibiting the right transparency for the betterment of people (clients, owners, shareholders, executives, leadership, management, professionals, and the market), then you have ostensible power and control.  With the right transparency, you create better performance breakthroughs.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein

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“Do prosperity work: create inspiring authentic dialogue.

Be a good listener:  Personally, we the people (everyone), want each person to thrive.”

– Raj Gavurla

good listener

Where is the new talent pool?  It’s within you!  Take a look at these professions:

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Public Service, Doctor, Writer, Professional Speaker, Professional Athlete, Actor, Model, Musician, Professor, and add any profession(s) to your liking.

Is it within you?  Be and/or become any of the professions of your liking and you will be able to forward practical perform winning valued money doing so.  For example, you might work for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, seasonally, or years doing one or any combination of the profession(s).

Your reply to “what do you do?” might be, “I’m an entrepreneur, engineer, professional speaker, writer, professional athlete, politician, doctor, actor, consultant, and coach.”  They might give you an uncertain look.  You reply, “I’m paid (valued money) doing each”.

What combination will you use to thrive?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

For programs and services, contact Raj at 864.569.2315, raj@rajgavurla.com.