Soak In The Experience: Power of Gratitude

It takes a herculean effort to put on a community fundraiser. There was planning and arrangements to be made. Everything from venue selection to refreshments, registration, tables to arrange for sponsors, canopy, DJ, Zumba, speaker, and humanity.

I attended the NAMI Greenville Walks and arrived early while people were setting up to soak in the experience. Some I knew and many I didn’t know. There were introductions and an emcee, recognition of teams and individuals, and a speaker’s message. Before walking Zumba instructors helped us warm up. We had to “shake it!” I was smiling.

While walking along a scenic route among friends and making new friends the conversation was nostalgic, sky was clear, sun beaming, and you felt the breeze at just the right time. As we crossed the finish line, “community”. Music was playing and people were recognized for their amazing efforts.

As people made their way home there was clean up. The breakdown of tables, folding chairs, and folding the canopy.

The event was orchestrated spectacularly! An experience I’ll cherish for progress, relationships, and friendships. Thank you!

The following day after watching the French Open Final, I took a walk in the neighborhood. As I approached the halfway mark, I saw three kids with a Kool Aid and lemonade stand at the main intersection. One asked would I like Kool Aid or lemonade and then another asked do I want a straw and then another said it’s free for walkers. They are our future. A snapshot of inspiration I’ll remember forever. Thank you!

Are you soaking in your experiences with gratitude for those who helped make it an amazing experience?

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