Set A Record Mentality

“Live great, learn great, work great, practice great, play great!” – Raj Gavurla

A couple of months ago I did a motivational and mood talk to set up the client and audience with a Set A Record Mentality. As you reflect on 2013 and look forward to 2014 my message took them from our current Successes, Hopes, and Dreams to motivate greater Successes, Hopes, and Dreams. The speaker before me talked about having a positive attitude when delivering customer service. I pointed out if attitude is the problem my six years of practical research and process, Winning Mental Pyramid, tells us to focus on Motivation. It’s counter intuitive. My examples included sales and marketing tips, stories to experience in person, and tools to motivate results with a “Set A Record” mentality. Be excited by the day and my call to action, Set a Record!

This New Year wake up everyday with a Set A Record Mentality! You’ll be in a great mood and add variety to keep it motivating. Here are four tips:

1. Learn how to live your dreams (they become greater)
2. Nutrition and exercise (stretch, aerobic, strength) seven days a week
3. Learn from supportive relationships
4. Raise the bar

I believe in you! Live great (you deserve to thrive), learn great (not I don’t have the talent), practice great (not practice right), work great (not hard), play great (not good)!

Do this and your dreams will become greater, your goals easier, and you’ll set records. Consistently Play At The Top of Your Game!

Make 2014 your best year ever!

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