Self-Think vs. Self-Talk

Self-Think vs. Self-Talk

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Did you know there’s a difference between self-think and self-talk? Self-think is simply what you think as you do something. Self-talk is what you say verbally to yourself.

You’ve been in situations with a client, teammate, or when on your own something is said. It’s essential to know is it being said to motivate themself, are saying it to inform you, want a reply from you, or unfortunately trying to trick you. After quickly determining this by using self-think, you know how to react. Be conscious of this and you’ll see your ability to make progress increase. I encourage you to get in the zone, don’t let someone get you out of the zone, and get who you’re talking with “in the zone.”

You’ll make much greater strides. It’s a simplified approach which produces better results, moods, and wins.

Think of three examples during interaction where you could have benefited from this information. How could have the discussion and interaction yielded better results?

Remember the difference between self-think and self-talk.

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