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“Consistently raise the bar in at least one thing daily.” – Raj Gavurla

To improve performance consistently raise the bar in at least one thing daily. By doing so you’ll grow. Before you can grow you need to improve performance. However, you have improved performance and are wondering why am I not growing?

One key objective is the ability to present yourself. Although you have a great service and/or product, people do not just knock at your door until you present yourself. How well you present yourself determines how much you receive and how many people tap you for your services and products.

Examples of presenting yourself:
1. Your appearance
2. Interview
3. Anytime you speak (conversation, presentation (keynote, workshop, facilitation, seminar, video, coaching, acting, etc.), your tone, what you convey
4. Anytime you write (blog, book, website, article, speech)
5. Advocating for innovation (advancements)

So, think of one way you can raise the bar in presenting yourself. Take action to make it happen. More people will buy your services and/or products. You’re worth it.

My example: I worked on my speaker preview video. You’ll see I’ve raised the bar in presenting myself. I will continue to hone and refine my ability to present myself as should you. Watch the video.

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