One Big Idea To Propel Team and Company Performance

What is one big idea to propel team and company performance? You hire the best and invest in training. Your employees have resources at their fingertips to perform. Yet, it seems the pareto principle still applies.

What if the percentages were reversed? Eighty percent of the people do most of the work versus twenty percent? Your company’s performance would make a giant leap. How? The one big idea is learn how to learn.

I’ve been attending regular meetings of one of the largest employers in the state. The team of thirty receive instruction, watch a video, and dress rehearsal. Then they perform. As they do it’s obvious some didn’t hear or didn’t remember specific instructions. In most organizations this would cause problems, however, the team and especially its fearless leader respond instantly without pointing blame. For example, you don’t hear phrases like “she told us to do this”, “weren’t you listening”, “either you can do the job or you can’t”, “do it yourself”. It really is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen.

This team also coaches each other. They have one hundred percent doing most of the work. Not eighty or twenty percent.

Does your team perform so well? If not, implement to see just how much better your company’s performance will be. What can be done to raise performance? When the time is right, they actually teach one another thinking tools used to execute what is done so well. You’ll find the end result is achieved in multiple ways.

By learning how they learned to execute the teammates can understand if there is a better and faster way to learn and execute. Usually there is. Now your team has gone from one level of performance to a higher level. Do you have a team that performs so efficiently?

They obviously know how to recruit the best people. Because none of the team members were trained to act this way. Amazing!

Taking a closer look at the team five ingredients stand out:

1. The supervisor, leader, and team members are diverse and have subtle people skills.

2. There is education/training (instruction, video, peer coaching), dress rehearsal, and event. In other words, education/training (your components), rehearsal, and project.

3. The environment is world class.

4. During and after projects anyone can give feedback to help increase performance. Ninety percent of the time the leader decides whether or not to implement in front of the team. The other ten percent the leader needs to think it through.

5. They realize their team members are living great dreams (their work/job at the company) and they have great dreams outside of work/job they do for the company they actively support.

Implement this one big idea to propel team and company performance.

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