Performance Shift: The Key To Meditation

“Intelligent win.” – Raj Gavurla
People meditate because they receive exponential rewards such as mental clarity, idea generation, makes it easier to accomplish something important to them, they perceive more, and for relaxation.  Sometime, when I meditated I didn’t consistently receive rewards.  During some meditation sessions, it was hard to meditate for a few minutes without my mind wondering to the next thought or me stopping after ten minutes.

If you meditate, have plateaued, or are planning to meditate, it would be good to create a “performance shift” to receive exponential rewards “more often” than “sometime”.   I want more for you from your meditation sessions.

What is the key to meditation?  Being (remaining) attentive to your breath.  Test it.  Did it help you? Share with your family and the right people.  I might see you on National Geographic.

About the Author Raj Gavurla

Raj helps and works with individuals, teams, and athletes that want to experience human performance, life, organizational development and breakthroughs interconnected with your life, business, and sports.

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