It’s Backwards; Create Value Add

“When there is value add it becomes easier” – Raj Gavurla


Sometime people say things without thinking of the situation, the person they are talking to, their environment, and who is present.  If this happens instead of internalizing giving them the benefit of the doubt use rational critical thinking to do value add.  Both create and receive shared success.


1. “Help yourself”  This is backwards.  I’ve heard people say whether directly or about someone they don’t help themselves.  This is similar to giving someone a ten minute silent lunch which the student I mentor received from his teacher because he wasn’t paying attention.  He’s learning and depending on the subject or what we are discussing his attention grows or wanes.  So the answer is to talk about things that keep his attention.  No, because what he’s learning is important and value add to his development, growth, and future.

Applying my expertise in human performance, life, and organizational development and breakthroughs, reality is he wasn’t taught how to pay attention.  Attention is a human performance skill people are challenged with regardless of age, title, or occupation(s).  One of the most prevalent reasons attention is challenging is they have no link(s) in their mind to what they are learning so it can be synthesized and stored into long term memory.

Getting back to “help yourself”.  It’s an oxymoron.  When you help you help someone not yourself.  Yet, some people say this without rational critical thinking and I sometime say it although very rare.

2.  “Hard work” or “Work hard”.  If something is too hard or hard, something is wrong.  It’s “diligent work” or “work diligently”.

Googling the word “diligent” it means:

diligent | Definition of diligent in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of diligent – having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties.
3.  This notion you aren’t good and have to prove yourself is lunacy.  It’s a bromide.  Your coming from a place of negativity to a place of positive.  Some people call this motivational.  I don’t.  It’s reinforcing a pattern anyone can do without.  You have gifts, talents, and skills. I start with inspiration then motivation to create and achieve value add.  In whatever I do, most important to me is you apply the learning exactly as is and/or using your rational critical thinking achieve more success in all walks of life as applicable and appropriate.
4.  Stop telling someone else, yourself, or let someone say you “failed” or rate your performance as “fail”.  It’s insipid  to denigrate and degrade yourself or another person.  Use the words “not so good”.   It’s value add.  This is prevalent in all walks of life including schools and businesses.  Think about it.  Why put someone in a detrimental state of being after they are already disappointed?  Do you want to make it worse?  It’s irrational critical thinking.  Rational critical thinking is the use of the words “not so good”.  This is very powerful and I’ve seen people use it in life, health, business, sports, and more.  When using my daily workbook, the lowest rating of your day is “not so good”.  It’s much easier to come from a place of inspiration and not a place of negativity.  Never know, think, or feel you failed.  Value add is “not so good”.
5.  Someone shows you something they worked on, created, a service, product, or say something you’ve never heard of and your response, “what the hell is that”.  Hell is never for the greater good.  Using this word puts both people in a detrimental state of being.  It creates a visceral reaction.  We don’t do that here.  There is a much greater way.  When you talk with someone, share with them, or are in a relationship with a person,  an entity, or object (think of your favorite gift).  It’s either going in a value add direction or negative direction.  It’s never in a neutral place.
6.  Here’s an example of value add.  Someone’s advice is “repetitions”.  You’ve heard this from so many people.  How many repetitions have you done?  Do more and you’ll improve, be better, or the best.  That’s like saying if you do this this and that you’ll be “insert your dream or goal”.  Then, those who have this dream or goal would do so.  However, it’s not that simple.  I’ve heard the word “repetitions” in healthcare, in the business of speaking, from world class athletes, and many people in all walks of life achieving if “I do x amount of repetitions” I’ll be able to.  Repetitions has a plateau.  When you reach the plateau repetitions has a diminishing effect.  What’s the solution?  “quality repetitions”
“Quality repetitions” makes you not reach a plateau as there is much further for you to go and your outlook on achieving more success is worth looking forward to.  Apply the learning and implement the use of “quality repetitions” to become more skillful and grow your skills.  It’s value add.

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“The Zone” (Individual) & “The Zone Effect” (Organization/Team/Teammates) Continuum:

“The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” is described as making performance improvements, breakthroughs, records, everything is in slow motion (everything slows down), time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), distance stands still (isn’t a deterring factor) and your life and performance feels effortless.  Neither is repeatable.  You are growing as a person, interconnected with your life, business, and sport(s); Your “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, and Records.

My “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect”

How do you make time a non-factor?  Impossible, no.  Here’s how:  Whether at work, watching t.v., attending an event, learning, or hanging out know how much time is allotted. By doing this you free your mind’s capacity.  Include the right research, right preparation, the actual event, and the time to synthesize your thoughts about the event and do  your next value add.  Doing it this way has tremendous value add.  It’s easier for you to apply the learning, remember the event, create value add, and achieve more success in all walks of life.


1.  20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1hr, 1.5 hr. keynote

2.  Attending an event (i.e. 2 hours, 1/2 day, full day, 2 days, 3 days, etc.)

3.  Watching sports or a movie on t.v.

4.  Reading or studying

5.  Attending a soccer match

6.  Hanging out with family and/or friends

Remember, do the right research and right preparation to receive much more from what you do in all walks of life.

Your Most Recent “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect”

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“Life grows on earth.  Diligent work, it’s a party.” – Endless

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