Increase Productivity and Performance

As a professional, getting a hold of your mood will help you increase productivity and performance.  Nutrition, exercise, and endorphins for your work is essential to increase productivity and performance.

Here are four sure fire ways to increase productivity and performance:

1.  Get a hold of your schedule.  It may be one of the easiest things to do yet we want to look for a more complex solution.  Block out certain times and days of the week to work on important projects or life’s essentials to make your day, week, month, and year filled with success.  Then guard set times against intrusions.  Your mood will be set to generate better results.

2.  Your environment should be motivational and have supportive relationships towards practical dreams work, goals, and mission.  Without this it will be very difficult.  However, you can adapt by sharing with the right people.  They are your supportive relationships.

3.  Then, you need structure, a process, and the ability to consistently find ways to raise the bar.

For example, your schedule has a structure, so does each project.  Then identify the process.  Do you need to make ten calls today, what questions will you ask, how will you respond, and what do you want to accomplish.  This takes professional communication skills.  Work on increasing your verbal, written, and presentation skills to achieve better results and put you in a better mood.

4.  Then you must consistently apply the structure and process to set a record.  This will keep you motivated and you will not be bored.  If three out of ten calls were a success, how can you increase it.

You’ll be in a good mood because naturally success feels better than the same results or rejection.

Nutrition —> Exercise —> Endorphins for work comes from having a —> Schedule —> Process —> Consistently Apply —> Set A Record —> Better Results, Moods, and Wins


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