Forward Economic Mobility In Your Organization and Team(s)

“Innovation and entrepreneurial leadership takes pressure off of management and

creates new leaders, services, or products.” – Raj Gavurla


Performance Breakthrough(s):

What performance breakthrough are you working towards?  Ask yourself why you need it and how to get it.  Are you making it harder than it should be?

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership:

In an entrepreneurial job a seasoned entrepreneurial employee knows it takes a combination of skills, time, and a performance mindset to create breakthroughs in less time and that makes it worth doing.

In a non-entrepreneurial job you know what to do and it is a production mindset.

A job needs both to be sustainable.  That’s the innovation and entrepreneurial leadership needed to evolve democracy and capitalism so we forward economic mobility to take pressure off of management and create new leaders, services, and products.

My book, Winning At Entrepreneurship, has nine common-sense strategies for business owners within an organization (intrapreneurship) or for those who are nascent, emerging, or extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Here are the nine common-sense strategies:

1. Find Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

2. Use Your Common Sense

3. Know That Positive Change Is Good

4. Use Teamwork As Your Foundation

5. Implement the Client Modular Approach

6. Build Trustworthy Relationships

7. Withdraw from Your Stimulation Bank

8. Compete for Results

9. Keep Growing To Another New Best Level

“The Zone” Effect:

By many “the zone” effect is described as everything is in slow motion, time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), and your performance feels effortless.

My tennis coach verbally recognized me by saying, “Raj you can hit every shot.”  I thought wow!  I’ve played tennis since high school and now decades later I’ve been rewarded.  What were the key factors?

1.  I learned technique and mental performance skills at the same time to accelerate my progress.

2.  I made it fun to play better tennis without rushing it.

3.  Consistently (mental performance skills daily, actual matches/practice once or twice a week)

4.  I have an exercise physiology functional trainer that strengthens me and keeps me from being injured

My most recent “The Zone” Effect:

For the first time, I felt like I was hitting new balls when we started a new game. However, they weren’t new balls. That’s “The Zone” Effect. Are you experiencing your “The Zone” Effect?

How many success stories do you need to hear before you make your own?” – Unknown

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