Did You Experience The World Series Game 7 “Zone”?

The “zone” feels effortless, has better outcomes, timing is perfect, and everything is in slow motion.” – Raj Gavurla 

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The ” zone” pitching performance by Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants was exemplary.  On any level, especially the seventh game of the World Series, the zone is an amazing experience to be a part of.   As it unfolded you watched and felt something special was happening.  Although I wasn’t playing, as a spectator I experienced “the zone”.  I felt effortless in watching, history was being written, time was a nonfactor (it seemed still), and my surroundings were in slow motion.  It was as if I was in the stadium.

Being a performance coach there are a few “zone” bytes to gain and apply the knowledge from the experience towards your performance.

1.  Although you don’t know Madison’s routine or thought process throughout the day, adrenaline, anxiety, and motivation are a part of preparing for the seventh game of the World Series.  This is the time for well-timed motivation.

2.  When called upon, he accessed his “zone” and pitched a masterpiece.

3.  As he and his teammates recognized what was happening nothing needed to be said.  There was no way to make it better.

4.  Before the final inning his catcher gave him the emotional and cognitive support needed (not a time for motivation).  The game was on the line.  His catcher went over the approach with him for the next three batters and Madison executed.

5.  Madison responded to adversity (fielding error) with the tying run on third and the winning run at the plate.

6.  With poise and composure he threw his high fastball to get ahead in the count.

7.  The batter popped up the final pitch.  Celebration time!

Although you probably won’t play in the World Series, gain and apply the knowledge for you to set a personal best record.

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