Entrepreneurial Leadership: Grow, Build, Develop (Invest)

“Grow, build, and develop the right way.” – Raj Gavurla

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This week we’ll apply the entrepreneurial leadership learning to the importance of invest.

Invest, Save, Benefits, Entrepreneurial Fund (EF)


Invest in yourself.  So where are you investing your time, work, and money?  Really think about it as “investing”.  If you’re investing in thinking about everything you don’t have, then you’re investing in the wrong area.

So, take a look at your dollars.  Where are they being invested? Are you investing in the right shelter, foods, time, work, and activities.  Then mark each as growing, building, developing, or sustaining.

You need to have a growing area.  This is revenue generating with future growth potential.  It might stay constant for a while, however, as you consistently do better there should be some growth or a growth spurt to open up more revenue.

You need a building area.  You can build on what is growing or on what is developing.  This is what you do.

You need a development area.  This is where an idea is fertilized.  As you proceed, a business or project goes through the stages from development to building to growing.  Regardless of what stage an idea or endeavor or project is in, you need your pipeline filled with at least one idea/endeavor or project in each of these three areas.

The fourth area, sustaining, is doing what sustains you to grow using mental routine(s), emotion, physical, and spiritual growth.

What’s growing (this is what’s working)?


What’s building?


What’s in development?


What sustains you to grow using mental routine(s), emotion, physical, and spiritual growth?


Make sure you have assets to show for areas you are growing, building, developing, and sustaining.  No matter what happens, these assets give you a foundation to consistently do better.  Make sure you express them in a positive way aligned with your next initiative(s), endeavor(s), or project(s).

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. Unknown

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