Congruent Emotions

This morning on the way to the gym, adults were setting up an annual triathlete event for kids in our neighborhood. It was inspiring to see so many kids living in health. For years I played sports and wanted to excel. However, I focused on learning the skills to become better at the sport of season. After researching and modeling others who were more successful, I’m aware there are other ways to drastically improve performance. At times, I thought, they are more talented. They have a gift. To some extent that may be true, however, those with a gift still need to develop and grow it to perform at a new best level. Also, I realized I had talent and gifts they didn’t have.

The point is talent and gifts can be developed, grown, and obtained. For example, I had the talent and gift of presenting and speaking. Although it has been there, I had to develop and grow it and obtain new ones to become a professional speaker. I’ve become an author, am still learning about word choice, delivery, and creating a memorable experience for clients and audiences. By working to develop and obtain other talent and gifts, my professional speaking is better.

In sports, it was the same. Instead of focusing just on the sports specific skills, I developed and obtained the gift of cardio (running) and nutrition. I’m sure these help me on the speaking platform as well. Running was the most challenging for me because there was no ball and no team. It was me and the route. With nutrition it was about what my body responded to and consistent results. Just because someone else could eat it didn’t mean I could eat it. For example, I don’t eat refined sugar (eat raw sugar), artificial sweetener, and don’t drink caffeine and alcohol. I eat till I’m almost full. Consistent results have made it easier to perform and keep me living in health.

For both running and nutrition, the congruent logic was there. I made it a goal and set the intent. The part I didn’t have when starting out was the emotional fortification. When running, I was fighting tiredness, boredom, and negative thoughts. With my new found wisdom, I knew not to focus just on running, nutrition, or sports skills. Putting together a combination of activities and tools has made all the difference. Currently, I run four miles twice a week and a 10k on the weekend. I want to improve to set a new record.

One such tool is congruent emotion. We have to have logic AND emotion. If the logic is not optimal, emotion sometimes gets negative or for whatever reason the logic is optimal but the emotion is too high or negative. Congruent emotion is using emotion to create the mental and physical outcomes you want. For example, you want to do 60 reps of a core exercise. Then a thought comes to mind and creates disruptive emotional stimuli. It is trying to keep you from accomplishing your 60 reps goal of core exercise. It causes an emotional mental and physical response making it harder and throws your counting off. This is easily overcome with congruent emotion. Put emotion into your counting internally (i.e. doesn’t have to be out loud). It makes it easier and your count isn’t thrown off. You’ll easily change the negative emotion causing mental and physical distraction and set a new record (60 reps easier and faster).

Use congruent emotion at work, in athletics, and at home to keep you excelling and contributing to the team. Use it over and over to develop and grow talent and obtain gifts.

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