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“Get and give your best, you are rewarded for it.” – Raj Gavurla

Communicating with each other occurs well most of the time. When does negative conflict arise? It’s when the communication isn’t flowed through to its conclusion. Like a story, communication takes as long as it needs to take based on the situation. It creates value.

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Someone says: “we”, “they” [If it’s not clear who “we” or “they” is then ask.] You ask: “Who is we?” or “Who is they?”

Someone says: “You made mistakes.” [If it’s not clear what they are referring to.] You ask: “What mistakes?”

Someone says: “If someone is interrupting you.” [and it’s not obvious why] You ask: “Why are you making that sound?”

Someone says: “That’s good, great, or they like something.” [If it’s not clear what they are referring to.] You ask: “What’s good or great about it? Why do you like it?”

Someone says: “You need to grow up.”
You ask: “What do you mean?”

Someone says: “You are a nerd.”
You ask: “What do you mean?” or “Who is a nerd?”

Someone says: “You are a geek.”
You ask: “What do you mean?” or “Who is a geek?”

Someone says: “I want confidence.”
You ask: “Do you think we don’t have confidence?”

Someone says: “I don’t know.” [If it’s not clear what they are referring to.] You ask: “What do you not know?”

Someone says: “I’m hurt.”
You ask: “What hurts?”

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Recently, I’ve been hearing about how everyone gets recognition or an award for participating on a team.  The only awards that mean anything are the first three.  All the others don’t have meaning.

If you are a coach or lead a team, this is my perspective on participation awards:

My only criteria for someone being on the team is “they want/aspire to consistently perform better at what the team/they do and what the team/they aspire to”.  Each progresses at their pace and some will make better progress faster and be rewarded more.  However, each does deserve an award.

Examples: You want/aspire to perform (play) better doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant, chemist, business owner, boss, manager, supervisor, professor, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, track, and golf.  As long as the people on your team have this as an aspiration and they are working on it then it’s your job and their job to do for and help each other make better progress.  As you consistently do this, you will like what you achieve and when you apply this to other aspects of your life you have a robust living.

Therefore, you need to share with each other what you are working on.  Realize what people are “working on” is very important to them, therefore, don’t be negative about it or make senseless comments, “same story”, “what’s it getting you”, etc.

Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself.  

You are better than you think. – Tim Ferriss

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