Coaching A Mom About Her Son

“Enable others practical dreams and your practical dreams will also occur.”  – Raj Gavurla

A mom was talking to me about how her son (five and a half) loves to play sports.  He’s into basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. He is intelligent and watches on t.v. and knows all the rules and has his favorite teams and players his mom proudly informs me.  However, as she was talking I could hear the crackle in her voice and the concern she had.  Although he loves to play with his friends, he loses almost every time.  His mom told me he plays with kids who are a couple of years older and he’s smaller.

Being a competitive mom, she doesn’t want his self esteem to diminish.  His parents tell Tim, you don’t win them all sometime you lose.  It brought back memories of my childhood.  Although I didn’t play basketball at age five and a half, most of my friends were a couple of years older at age eleven in the neighborhood.  They are the ones who introduced me to sports on a higher level and we played a lot.

Some had more raw talent than others.  However, we know talent can only get us so far.  Most were introduced to sports, learned from someone, and watched on t.v.  Therefore, I advised her she was being a great mom setting up a goal for them to play and watching for fun and safety.  Then, I coached her to get involved with seeing her son win more by learning about basketball herself and having him show/teach her how to play.  This was a shock to her because she may have shot a ball five times in her life and probably played only in gym class.  I coached her to teach basketball to her son and by learning the skills to play he will easily win more often.  The talented kids who don’t also learn will lose more often.  What resource did I recommend to her?  The Art of Basketball by Oscar Robertson (for all ages and levels including professional).

I’m sure Tim’s mom will look into other resources like YouTube, etc. because it’s important to her and her son. Your kids need you to share with them by being involved with their practical dreams, hopes, and successes.

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