3 Top Performance And Entrepreneurial Articles Week of March 2, 2015

Each week I read a number of peak performance and entrepreneurial articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks this week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

The Ideal Business Transition

By: Kathy Richardson-Mauro


There are millions of baby boomer business owners who have to transition their business to others in order to ensure business continuity and provide financial liquidity to fund the rest of their lives. Owners sometimes ask us what the ideal transition is as if it’s a “one size fits all” proposition. The “ideal” transition, in our opinion, is the one that most closely matches the transitioning owners’ goals, both financial and non-financial, and vision. Here are five things owners should consider when they think about their ideal transition:
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My Comment: Excellent article on transitioning a business.

3 Ways Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Can Build Clients for Life

By: Darnyelle A. Jervey

clients for life

Most service-based business owners dread the day when their work with a client has ended. Sadly, so many fall into this vicious cycle of working with clients, ending engagements and then going out to find more clients. This is the wrong way to build a solid, thriving and holistically successful business.
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My Comment: Good perspective

Super Coach: Playing not to lose guarantees losing

By: Coach Burt


All the talk recently about the controversy surrounding women’s basketball in our county got me thinking about something I’ve lived by most of my coaching life, which is a state of mind that says, “Anytime you play not to lose, you guarantee losing.” Read More

My Comment: Great article on achievement

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