Each week I read a number of peak performance and entrepreneurial articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks this week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

10 Medical Breakthroughs That Sound Like Science Fiction

These high-tech innovations just might save your life

By: Denny Watkins

The news that comes out of research universities and hospitals often sounds too hopeful:  Here’s a gene that maybe, could potentially end obesity.  This newly discovered protein pathway might sort-of, some day cure cancer. Do any of the thousands of studies published each year result in a meaningful change in someone’s life? Read More

My Comment:  Grow life 

Coach K Earns Career Win No. 1,000 in No. 5 Duke’s Win Over St. John’s

By: Scott Phillips
source: AP

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski reached a milestone by winning game No. 1,000 as the No. 5 Blue Devils bested St. John’s 77-68 on Sunday at Madison Square Garden.The Philippines will continue to rapidly change in 2015. Read More

My Comment:  Congratulations Coach K! 

9 Numbers Business Owners Need To Know

By: Rhonda Abrams

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Every small-business owner needs to know some numbers – total revenue, profit margins, coast of goods, and the like.  But there are other numbers that every entrepreneur needs to know to stay competitive and succeed.  Read More

My Comment:  What metrics/numbers drive your business?

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