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Helping USA Mens & Womens World Cup Soccer

“We are growing as a person; live more.” – Raj Gavurla

In the USA men’s match versus Venezuela and the Women’s World Cup match versus Spain the good goal keepers made elementary mistakes.  Then last night in the USA Men’s match versus Panama the goalie made less of a mistake and since a goal wasn’t scored against the USA no one commented or they didn’t see it as less of a mistake.

To create and experience human performance and life development and breakthroughs after one session with each goal keeper I would know what are the next step(s).  It’s easy to say the goal keepers know not to do that and say it was poor (not so good showing), change players, and inexperience led to the mistakes.  However, in helping and working with athletes in my private confidential session(s) the reason for the mistakes could be more than technical ability and tactical correction.  It would be inappropriate to guess because it could take more than one session to correct.  If this is needed it has to do with discovering and removing mental, emotional, and physical blocks using my human mental performance skills and then strengthening on the pitch with one session.

However, if it is a technical and tactical issue only then looking at the pictures we see the goalies need to be equipped with performance ques.

Performance Ques: 

  1. If there is one teammate to pass to within distance then the pass is allowed if no opponent is past midfield.
  2. If an opponent is past mid field, and there are two teammates to pass to a pass can be made because the teammate can pass to another teammate to ward off the defender.

However, as you can see in the pictures this wasn’t so, therefore, the goalie need not make the pass.  

Something similar happened in the men’s match versus Panama last night and the teammate’s only option was to quickly kick the ball up field resulting in a turnover.  The goalie could have done better kicking it up field because he had time to read who to play the ball to.

USA men and women are making rewarding progress towards winning the World Cup.  Play soccer the right way for it to happen sooner.

USA men’s soccer is 3-0 in group D in the Gold Cup and the USA women’s soccer plays tomorrow against France in the World Cup.  I’m looking forward to USA men’s soccer playing in the 2022 World Cup.

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My “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect”

It was fun learning, observing, listening, understanding, and applying the learning from attending the Greenville Triumph Watch Party supporting the USA Women’s World Cup in their match against Sweden at Universal Joint benefiting Meals On Wheels.

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