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My Tennis Coach Came To A Match After A Month

“Listen to learn and apply the learning to transform your performance.  You experience greater success with the right fluid support system.” – Raj Gavurlayour raise the bar primer
I haven’t seen my tennis coach in a month, however, he keeps track of my progress.  How? He contacts people who watch me play matches or that I play with.  He came to the courts today and I was prepared.  I said, “Coach” in a welcoming way.  He said, “I’m watching”.  I thought, “I’m glad because I’ve been using my Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook”.

I was serving up 40 – love and double faulted.  He said, “I hate double faults”.  Then his narrative started. “Consistency.” “You’re up and down.”  So, I had to make sure coach had been tracking my progress.  I told him we haven’t lost a doubles match in three weeks.  I asked, “have you been talking with people about my progress?”  He smiled a little.  Then, I showed coach me playing better tennis.

I asked him is he using his Your Raise The Bar Primer Mental Performance Tools workbook?  I’m making sure he’s doing his mental performance skills homework.  He didn’t say anything.  Then, I hit a few more shots.  One a one-handed backhand winner with an extended “ahh” added to relieve tension.  Then, I hit another winner and coach wasn’t watching. Later in the match, I hit an overhead with an “ahh” and fist pump towards my partner to acknowledge our exceptional play.  Then I served an ace and said “Coach” looking at him and he gave me a thumbs up.

I realize you probably have a tennis coach, however, by using my Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook you will be prepared when your coach checks on you.  Coach knows about the technique of tennis (“how to hit the ball and positioning”).    I missed a low volley and I asked my coach what I should do.  He said, “footwork”.

Since I’m the mental performance skills coach, I know it wasn’t footwork.  It was because I hit the low volley without a target.  In other words, just getting it back.  The problem is the ball didn’t know where to go to. Keep in mind my coach is a cabinet maker.  I just call him “Coach” because it’s funner and he does act like my coach.

However, for real tennis coaching both tactical/technique/tennis management and private mental performance coaching visit http://www.rajgavurla.com/diamondforwardtennis.html.  Our services and my workbook are available for purchase and you can contact me if you are a professional, college, academy or aspiring tennis player looking to raise the bar in your tennis performance. Whether you already have a coach and just want to boost your play with our services and products or you want us to chart your tennis career, contact me (performance consultant and coach) and I will coordinate with my partner who works on the tactical/technique/tennis management to highly customize the best package for you.

It’s a week later and I just finished playing tennis.  Coach was there and asked “How are you?” in a way that meant, “I like what I’m seeing!”  Coach seems more mature in his approach.  I asked him again if he’s using my workbook.  I saw a gleam in his eye meaning “yes”.  We played doubles together and Coach was making fist pumps towards me. Wow! He also was praising his own shots.  Coach is doing my workbook.  His lens and physiology and ability to play better tennis are quite obvious.  I’m looking forward to seeing coach’s practical forward mobility.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney
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