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Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Tool

“Use your wisdom.  It won’t mislead you.” – Raj Gavurla












Download the .pdf here:  innovation and entrepreneurial leadership tool

As you develop, build, and grow your business and your client projects, use this decision making tool to help you develop, build, and grow your talents and skills and discover new gifts, talents, and skills.

You need innovation and entrepreneurial leadership to forward your business and client projects from left to right and proceed to have more projects in the blue (your core business) and continually move your business and client projects towards the black innovative and entrepreneurial leadership business and client projects.




                   Gray                      Red                          Yellow                      Blue                  Black

  1. ___________   ____________   ______________  ___________  ____________
  2. ___________   ____________   ______________  ___________  ____________
  3. ___________   ____________   ______________  ___________  ____________
  4. ___________   ____________   ______________  ___________  ____________
  5. ___________   ____________   ______________  ___________  ____________

I’ve been using my innovation and entrepreneurial leadership tools in my speaking programs, private performance and life consulting, and coaching.  This tool among other concepts and tools appear in my Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools manual, Your Raise The Bar: Mental Performance Tools workbooks for business/education, sports, and Winning At Entrepreneurship.  There are more resources to help you at http://www.MotivateResults.com.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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