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Social Responsibility, Social Action, Social Justice

“Live the best, be the best.  You are already intelligent and good.”

I replied to a friend’s post regarding humanity (humanitarian first).

These are some additional pragmatic ideas; my thoughts, thinking, and feeling on mental health continuum and prevention, no age barrier over 18, poverty, and homelessness. With discussion we can innovate to build and grow this:

Health Social Responsibility, Social Action, Social Justice:
1. Create a talent/employment pool for people who are higher functioning that have a health diagnosis i.e. mental health, diabetes, cancer, or other to work whenever they can in their field of study, experience, or choice not when the talent pool/employer wants them to work virtually, remote, on-site, in person in defined learning/work sessions of varying skill and time duration living more next level of success/rehabilitation health, wellness, and economic mobility to gain as much independence as possible with their fluid treatment team. This doesn’t mean someone does the good value intelligent work for them that is easy, a challenge or struggle for them. It means they work thru the good value intelligent work with the right coordination, communication, connectivity, and involvement to help and support them to learn the skill(s) required (necessary) succeeding in their next level of living more health, wellness, and economic mobility. Talent pool/employers benefit with the delivery of good value intelligent work and having a role in making a person successful.

Age Social Responsibility, Social Action, Social Justice:
2. No age barrier over 18 in business and sports

Poverty & Homelessness Social Responsibility, Social Action, Social Justice:
3. Prevention of bad (mal) health/wellness/fitness, universal basic income to eliminate poverty and homelessness to create economic mobility to help and grow individuals and their family, businesses, communities, schools, and others. Also helps to prevent criminal activity and types of discrimination.

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Do Your Best, Then Better Your Best

“Socioeconomic capital flow and capital distribution for the wealthy, middle-class, and poor solves prosperity, poverty, and gentrification  for individuals to live a robust life.”  – Raj Gavurla


How do you better your best?  You’re mentally prepared so why the inaction to exercise, make a call, and achieve your goal.  You are procrastinating.  I understand some things are mentally tiring and you know where that is most likely to happen.  You have a threshold and you are afraid to break away from it because of the insecurity it causes you.

Since you are always learning, you need to learn what to know about this threshold experience that’s causing insecurity.  When you assess it to deliver by bettering your best with strategy, build a relationship with it, market it in your mind, and evaluate after each effort you are changing the reality of the situation in your mind.

You learned to use solipsism to do your best and with effort you bettered your best.  Continue doing so, forward performing, and you’ll far exceed what you imagine success is because of your achievements, the meaningful process, and the right people who came into your life that you had never met before.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”  

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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