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Get It Done

“Get it done.” – Raj Gavurla 

Consistently Perform: Experiencing Intelligent Breakthroughs In Your Performance & Life

For those using my Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook, are you making sure you are writing your clear goal before actually taking action.   It will show you how much easier it is to experience intelligent breakthroughs in your performance and life by doing so.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

“The Zone” Effect

By many “the zone” effect is described as everything is in slow motion, time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), and your performance feels effortless.

It was Saturday morning and I drove to attend a community breakfast at Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church.  It’s always nice and amazing meeting people and making friends in their place of worship.  There was an unexpected success.  The pastor wanted me to say the prayer before eating.  My day became auspicious (type of day to write in my workbook).  As I mentally prepared, I told myself “talk from the heart” .   We prayed and it was the first time I’ve lead a prayer in public.  I don’t have the words to describe the amazing feeling running through me.  An amazing “the zone” experience I will recall often.Your Most Recent “The Zone” Effect

Here’s an exercise for you?  Describe what causes performance anxiety and stress.  Then, change each factor so you experience “the zone” the next time you are scheduled to perform.  Performance anxiety and stress are usually caused by a time crunch (doing too much in too little time), environmental, relationship issue, or over thinking.

A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments

can change the course of your life.” – Christopher Germer

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