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What Do You Do With Your Time?

“Always apply your real-time wisdom (application of real-time learning) and knowledge.” – Raj Gavurla 

Consistently Perform: Experiencing Intelligent Breakthroughs In Your Performance & Life

For those using my Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook, are you making sure you are rating your day (auspicious, robust, excellent, very good, good, not so good).

My buddy Jordan (2nd grader) I’m mentoring drew this drawing of me. It shows me wearing Jordans (shoes). As in the Nike Jordan brand.


This upgraded my day from “very good” to “robust” as my day rating

Mother’s Day in my workbook is rated “auspicious”.

I’ll check your workbook when I do our evaluation.


Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Consistent Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Success =

Do What You Love + Financial (Capital) Flow & Distribution + Creative Innovative Idea + Clarity of Vision + Leadership + Communication + Team + Execution

“The Zone” Effect

By many “the zone” effect is described as everything is in slow motion, time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), and your performance feels effortless.

Here are three phrases I use to get into “the zone” experiencing “the zone” effect:

  1. Business:  “Work in the moment”
  2. Sports: “Play in the moment”
  3. Life: “Live in the moment”

My Life: “The Zone” Effect created by my buddy Jordan (2nd grader) I’m mentoring.

Your Most Recent “The Zone” Effect

Here’s an exercise for you:

What do you do with your time?

I. Think the right way in between what you are accomplishing (doing)

Ex: Business: the time in between doing your work

Sports: the time in between actual play

Life: the time in between your work and play


II. Think the right way while you are accomplishing (doing)

Ex: Business: the time while doing your work

Sports: the time during play

Life: the time during your life

III. Evaluate Accomplishments

IV. Next Step

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”

– Eckhart Tolle 


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