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Do Mastery: Daily Performance and Life

“Do Mastery: Daily Performance and Life.”  – Raj Gavurla

Consistently Perform: Experiencing Intelligent Breakthroughs In Your Performance & Life

Do Mastery (Daily Performance and Life)  =  Learn to know why & how to do it —> Talk about it before and after doing it —> Feel while doing it —> Close eyes while doing it —> Add to it —> You have mastery of it

The best way to experience breakthroughs is by doing what you want a breakthrough in daily.  It’s the cumulative effect of daily training (practice) for shorter periods of time than doing it for hours at a time.  This process has a much greater effect than cramming hours of training and not feeling fulfillment, fun, and enjoyment and getting down on yourself for not experiencing a breakthrough.  To experience a breakthrough faster, do what you are doing with “more feel”, “close your eyes” while doing it, and talk out loud about what you are doing before and after doing it.  After you know how to do it, experience breakthroughs by using the techniques and tips of:

  1. Daily training (practice) for shorter periods of time
  2. Doing it with “more feel” since you already know how to do it
  3. “Close your eyes” while doing it
  4. Talk out loud about what you are doing before and after doing it

After you experience a breakthrough, add to it for the next level of success or if you’ve mastered it pick something else to experience a breakthrough in.  Anything you do having a mentality of working on breakthroughs will make your performance and life better.

Apply this strategy to all aspects of your life: family, dreams, vision, mission, goals, aspirations, job, athletics, income, learning, spiritual, athletics, friends, and social

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Make a return on investment.

“The Zone” Effect

By many “the zone” effect is described as everything is in slow motion, time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), and your performance feels effortless.

I experienced a breakthrough in my basketball ball handling.  What made a huge difference is I already know how to do it and was using too much of my mental capacity of knowing.  When I used my mental capacity to “feel” since I already know it I experienced a breakthrough.  Adding to my mental capacity to feel I closed my eyes to feel more.  I experienced another breakthrough.  Then, I added other moves to my ball handling.

When I know I’ve mastered it, I won’t have to work on it anymore.

Your Most Recent “The Zone” Effect

What breakthroughs are you experiencing?  Please send me a personal message and I will reply.

Success is something you attract by the person you become.Jim Rohn

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“Fortunately world-class business occurs with preparation and communication.” – Raj Gavurla

forward performance

Since change isn’t a competitive advantage, how are businesses, organizations, and teams solving their need(s) for performing (high value/value add) better results (better ROI/higher margins) in a faster time?

Answer: Transform Performance


1. Most organization development shows a top-down flow. Whether their competitive advantage starts at the top (trickle down) to the bottom or from the bottom (grassroots) to the top. How about transforming your performance lens to organization development showing forward performance (—–> timeline fashion): Founder-Board-President/CEO – Each Colleague (Teammate) – Business Unit – Division – Department – etc. as they came into existence in a win forward performance for your competitive advantage? Forward performance mentality is essential to living (doing) for each person to thrive.

2. Sometimes when I shoot baskets kids are also shooting on the same basket. When they make a shot and I grab the rebound they are quick to say “change” meaning they want me to pass them the ball as a return for making their shot. Since I’m also a performance consultant and private performance mental skills coach, I want to tell them “Change isn’t a competitive advantage. I would have thrown the ball to you without you saying change.” Instead, they need to shoot the ball from the same spot the same way (“repetitions – keep going to the well”). If an adult paid my fee, the kids win forward performance.

3.  The better tennis player you are the more mental tennis is.  What differentiates the number one players and teams in men’s and women’s tennis is their mentality.  What are you doing to work on your private performance mental skills so you consistently become a better tennis player.

4. In business, work, sports, and life identify your need(s) to win forward performance whether experiencing success (fun) or negativity. Most likely you know what to live (do) and/or you might need to pay for support service(s) to work with you to solve your need(s) to win forward performance.

5. How do you accomplish any endeavor in life (i.e. your dreams, vision, goals, and/or mission)? By living (doing) it.

You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

– Michael McMillan

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