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Give Constructive Feedback To Build Authentic Honest Dialogue Trusting Relationships

                         “Build authentic honest dialogue trusting relationships for each person to thrive.”

– Raj Gavurla  


I’ve seen several approaches for giving constructive feedback.  Here’s mine after agreeing giving constructive feedback to build authentic honest dialogue trusting relationships would be better:

1. What can be better?
2. Listen
3. Talk w/ each other to equip (don’t say, “you are suppose to know that” or “you don’t know that”)
4. Reevaluate in the future

Using this framework allows for mental preparation and for mental performance to forward performance of each person involved.


Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

– Theodore Isaac Rubin

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Who Do You Trust With Your Life?

“To live a better life do for and help each other (people).” – Raj Gavurla

give love trust listen

Who do you trust with your life? This is a question that had me thinking for a while. It surfaced throughout my career as I’ve been doing for and helping people transform in all aspects of life as an expert who speaks professionally, author, coach/consultant, and my service in the community. I’ve met people who are doing and helping in very meaningful ways. There are also people doing for and helping in anonymous ways. I’ve also met people whose family has left them because the situation was too much for them to take. I’ve met foster kids who don’t know who their parents are. I’ve also met people who are doing for and helping people to exist instead of showing them how to live a robust life.

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t an easy road for me. Some of the closest people to me laughed at me, didn’t see me as one for some reason (I never asked why), and some said and did mean things that I used to consistently better my motivation and inspiration, always with a positive attitude, and to consistently transform my mindset so that I could be in a positive mood. When this consistently happens everything is easier. Along the way was spiritual growth and maturity. I made the decision, “I want/aspire to win and grow”.

Since this post isn’t about what “win and grow” means to me, I won’t cover that in this post. As my career progressed and I’ve become more involved in the community I see my thought as a boy when I saw someone struggling or suffering was not true. I use to think “we are setup to thrive” and they have nothing to worry about. As an adult, I realize my childhood lens was incorrect. However, as an adult I also realize I can do for and help people to do for and help each other (people) so we are “setup to thrive”. There shouldn’t be poverty and it should be easier for people to pursue great dreams, callings, visions, goals, missions, and aspirations instead of the negativity from some people and obstacles.  Whether they are systemic, policy, law, or strategic.

What I learned through this was the answer to my opening question. Who do you trust with your life? My answer is God (the lord), myself, my family, and the right people. The right people can be friends or random people you’ve never met that came into your life to consistently make better progress. When you share the right things with the right people at the right time instead of thinking you are on an island it is easier. This means you need to do the research to find who these people are, endlessly learn, apply the learning, and develop, build, and grow the life and lifestyle you aspire to. “We the people” are making better progress, however, we must make it easier for everyone to live their great dreams, have family and friends, and be involved with the community.

“It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation

of their fellow beings.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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