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Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Visual

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Visual

Download .pdf: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Visual

I’ve been using my performance, life, innovation and entrepreneurial leadership tools in my speaking programs, private performance and life consulting, and coaching.  This tool among other concepts and tools appear in my Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools manual, Your Raise The Bar: Mental Performance Tools workbooks for business/education, sports, and Winning At Entrepreneurship.  There are more resources to help you at http://www.MotivateResults.com.

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What Does It Take To Achieve World’s Best?

“Integrated are family as faith and/or belief system, culture, personality, and identity.”

 – Raj Gavurla

Usain Bolt was a tremendous champion! I wish his career didn’t end with an injury. Do you win to compete, believe, dream, and achieve World’s Best? If so, you apply learning from others is essential, however, it’s your and only your uniqueness and difference that propels you to World’s Best! Usain Bolt consistently showed the world he was the World’s Best! There will never be another like him!





‎Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of others, instead, seek what they sought. Matsuo Basho

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“Do prosperity work: create inspiring authentic dialogue.

Be a good listener:  Personally, we the people (everyone), want each person to thrive.”

– Raj Gavurla

good listener

Where is the new talent pool?  It’s within you!  Take a look at these professions:

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Public Service, Doctor, Writer, Professional Speaker, Professional Athlete, Actor, Model, Musician, Professor, and add any profession(s) to your liking.

Is it within you?  Be and/or become any of the professions of your liking and you will be able to forward practical perform winning valued money doing so.  For example, you might work for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, seasonally, or years doing one or any combination of the profession(s).

Your reply to “what do you do?” might be, “I’m an entrepreneur, engineer, professional speaker, writer, professional athlete, politician, doctor, actor, consultant, and coach.”  They might give you an uncertain look.  You reply, “I’m paid (valued money) doing each”.

What combination will you use to thrive?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

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“Breaking through a performance barrier is counterintuitive.” – Raj Gavurla


Look outside!  Did you plant those trees, create the sky, the clouds, warmth of the sun, birds, grass, air, and those mountains?  Your answer is “no”.  My special news for you is “there are no days off from living”.  Believe me, you know why.

In my performance, entrepreneurial leadership, and sports/athletic coaching/consulting, I use to hear from my clients, “I had a bad day”.  “I was off today.” No way!  When clients receive coaching and complete their Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbook they soon realize what I mean.  Daily, I have them rate their day.

An example of their choices and the criteria we agree upon in our session might look like the following:

Auspicious Day

Today is my birthday!  Any grand occasion is permissive.  Think birthdays of family, anniversaries, graduations, a spiritual occurrence, special recognition (awards), end of a project, a big win, your firsts, and holidays.  Do my exercises and stretches.

Robust Day

The list is private to me, however, some items are when I have “unexpected success”.  It’s the easiest type of success. When I learn and apply what I learned for better performance. I take what I’ve been working on to the next level.  I meditate, do my exercises, and stretches.

Perfect Day

The list is private to me, however, when I do my exercises and stretches, eat right, work, and have something restful, relaxing, fun and enjoyable in the evening.  Came up with a “creative innovative inventive entrepreneurial idea”.  I meditate.

Very Good Day

The list is private to me, however, when I accomplish a perfect day without coming up with a “creative innovative idea”.  I work, eat right, do my exercises, and stretches.

Good Day

The list is private to me, however, when something takes longer than expected or usual and I finally figure it out.  I do my exercises and stretches.

Not So Good Day

The list is private to me, however, anything bad that happens to me or someone I know.  Also, my computer crashes etc.  I didn’t do my exercises and stretches.

My Star

Then I complete “my star” in my workbook by filling in a “new record”, building a relationship forever, and/or “I met someone new” and had a real conversation with them.  Success!

I also pray throughout the day when I need or want to.  Now, you won’t ever have a “day off from living” or a “bad day”.  After sessions with my client, they begin to see how to really use my workbook. They become forward performing instead of “negative” towards them self or others.  I’ll repost this on Monday, however, I wanted to give you a high-value target on my birthday, an auspicious day.  Apply the practical learning.