NAE Grand Challenges For Engineering

“Brain, heart, and muscle power not willpower.” – Raj Gavurla  

Which one of these NAE Grand Challenges For Engineering is most important to you?  Which one do you want to fund?

      1.  Advance Personalized Learning

      2.  Make Solar Energy Economical

      3.  Enhance Virtual Reality

      4.  Reverse – Engineer The Brain

      5.  Engineer Better Medicines

      6.  Advance Health Informatics

      7.  Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure

      8.  Secure Cyberspace

      9.  Provide Access To Clean Water

      10.  Provide Energy From Fusion

      11.  Prevent Nuclear Terror

      12.  Manage The Nitrogen Cycle

      13.  Develop Carbon Sequestration Methods

      14.  Engineer The Tools To Scientific Discovery

My selections are two not one for greatest impact.  They are Advance Personalized Learning and Engineer Better Medicines.  Why?

I selected the first because learning, its application, and learn how to learn is the catalyst to transform performance, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship, and living a robust life in anything you choose to do.   I selected Engineer Better Medicines because of devastating side effects, allergic reactions, and to eschew emergency room visits and medical hardship.  Here’s more from the website:

Engineers are developing new systems to use genetic information, sense small changes in the body, assess new drugs, and deliver vaccines.

Doctors have long known that people differ in susceptibility to disease and response to medicines. But, with little guidance for understanding and adjusting to individual differences, treatments developed have generally been standardized for the many, rather than the few.

How will genetic science change how medicines are made?

engineering challenges

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

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