Here’s Training On Seven Strategies To Solve A Performance Gap: Strategy 1: Identify and Prove The Gap (Apply (Use) The Learning)

Here’s Training On Seven Strategies To Solve A Performance Gap:

Strategy 1: Identify and Prove The Gap (Apply (Use) The Learning)

When helping and working with individuals, organizations, and teams to create and experience mental human performance/life, human resource development the challenge of anxiety is prevalent. Here are two training videos for you, your family, your organization, and your team:

Video 1.  Solve Performance Anxiety In Your Human Performance/Life
Video 2.  Solve Performance Anxiety In Your Sports Human Performance/Life
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 for your fitness, health/wellness, career, school, or camaraderie.  Bonus: Solve injuries from the past, strengthen and prevent injuries, and its affect on your human performance & life at home, in your workplace, and doing your hobbies.

Here is our Introductory Clinic on Human Performance/Life Development & Breakthroughs available for you to see the outline and schedule. LiiiVEN is grateful to partner with Greenville Running Company.

Here’s the link you need to see the outline: Raj Gavurla, LiiiVEN, Partnering With Jeff Milliman, Greenville Running Company

“The Zone” (Individual) & “The Zone Effect” (Organization/Team/Teammates) Continuum:

“The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” is described as making performance improvements, breakthroughs, records, everything is in slow motion (everything slows down), time stands still (isn’t a deterring factor), distance stands still (isn’t a deterring factor) and your life and performance feels effortless (weightless).  Neither is repeatable.  You are growing as a person, interconnected with your life, business, and sport(s); Your “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, and Records.

My “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect”

I was asked, “what do you do”.
My reply:  Help and work with our clients succeeding

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Your Most Recent “The Zone” & “The Zone Effect” Development, Breakthroughs, Records 

What development, breakthroughs, and records are important for you to achieve?  Please send me a personal message and I will reply.

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“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” – Bruce Lee